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Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Contest Finalists

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Congratulations to the top eight finalists of the Lonie (Friesen) Tucker Bible Contest! In alphabetical order:

  • Ray Aguilar
  • Jeffrey Allan
  • Jason Clark
  • Sterling Clark
  • James Dunn
  • Joel Harris
  • Kim (Jonathan) Jung
  • Clint Leigh

These finalists will compete in an Oral Bible Test during chapel on Feb. 19. Each student will receive a scholarship ranging from $150-$1,000 depending on how they fare. The scholarships will be added to the students’ 2009 fall semester.

Honorable Mention goes to students who placed from 9th-31st, who will each receive a $10 gift certificate. In order of finish:

Matt Rensi, Chelsea Cantrell, Micah Nims, Catherine Boone, Stephen Harris, John Lussier, Aaron Smith, Andrew Rowland, Seth Jacobsen, David Cabello, Amanda Schick, Cassandra Baker, Melissa Knowlton, Michael Stern, Gabriel Stice, Laura Fesler, Hannah Morrow, Andrew Kruse, Vanessa King, Erin Thiessen, Erin Fowler, Courtney Rice, and Carl Fourier.

The scholarships were established by the William Friesen and Charles Tucker families in honor of Lonie (Friesen) Tucker’s devoted life to the Lord. Lonie, Dr. Garry Friesen’s sister, passed away in 1997—19 days after being diagnosed with cancer.

Returning students have the option of participating in a written Bible test consisting of multiple choice questions. The top eight students then compete in an Oral Bible Test in front of the student body with Dr. Friesen as the Quiz Master. The student who scores the highest on the oral and written tests combined receives the $1,000 scholarship.