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Metzger, Tebow, Pro-life and Superbowl Ads

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(Just in case you don't want to read our bloviating below, you can go straight to the source at the New Wine, New Wineskins Blog.)

Christian Faith and "The Big Game"

Just in time for the Superbowl this Sunday, February 7th many media outlets are gearing up by publishing stories ranging from Christian faith in sports to pro-life ads during half-time.

As has become the case in recent years, the Seminary's very own Dr. Paul Louis Metzger was called on to be an expert for the writer of the latest article from the Religion News Service titled: "God and the Gridiron; Some are Crying Foul."

Keeping the Context

As is usually necessary, much of the value in what Dr. Metzger had to say gets stripped out for the sake of the writer's needs within the story. This typically results in only a portion of the quote being used, thereby leaving much to the imagination. In this particular article, Dr. Metzger's quote deals with the issue of a famous Christian football player named Tim Tebow who is featured in an ad (produced by Focus on the Family), espousing the positive results from a pro-life choice made by his mother. This ad will be featured during the Superbowl this year and it has raised the ire of many groups who call it "anti-abortion" and the like.

The Quote

“It could very well be a great message, but is it a good venue?” asked Paul Louis Metzger, who teaches theology and culture at Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, Ore. “Is it helpful to the discussion, or does it up the volume, so to speak, on the culture war rhetoric?”

2_thumbnailWhat Dr. Metzger Wants Us To Know

Check out his post at the New Wine, New Wineskins Blog for further thoughts that we think you'll all like to ponder as we head in to this most holy of sports holidays!

The Buzz About Mystery Worshippers

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Apparently there is an ever-growing trend for churches to hire "Secret Shoppers" or, to make it more palatable to their congregants, "Mystery Worshippers"...

The Thing
Check out this Wall Street Journal article about it.

Note that the Seminary was well represented at the end by our very own Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. (Well done, Sir.)

"Some theologians warn that mystery-worshipper services will drive 'spiritual consumerism.' Evaluating churches as if they were restaurants or hotels might encourage people to choose their church not according to its theology, but based on which one has the best lattes or day care," says Paul Metzger, professor of theology at Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, Ore. "We tend to look for religion or spirituality that will give us what we want, when we want it," Prof. Metzger says. "There's a pressure for the church to be something that the church is not."

The Buzz
The very day this article hit the wires, it was picked up by - amongst others - the Tulsa World and the Arizona Star.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life thought it worthy of their hallowed pages.

Then, bloggers and other online magazines jumped on it. There are too many to list, so I've done the Google search for you!

You probably have plenty of thoughts on don't hold back!

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