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What is the Theology of Space?

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By "Theology of Space", we don't mean the "Force" of Star Wars, or the logic of the Vulcans we mean something more akin to how churches and Christian communities use their spatial resources.

Our very own Dr. Paul Louis Metzger has been busy (for proof, read this). Never one to shy away from tough questions, he attempts to tackle the "Theology of Space" in his latest article published in the November 2009 issue of Leadership magazine.

What's So Special About Space?

Maybe a couple of memorable quotes will help:

The coffee bar has replaced the Lord's Table as the place where real community happens.


I wonder—are we thinking as intentionally about the design of our ministry spaces as retailers are about the way they design their stores?

I ask my students to make observations about the use of space at clothing stores they visit. Two design elements are frequently reported: lots of mirrors and no clocks.

LJ_metzgerCheck It Out Now

I don't know about you, but it's enough to make me want to check out "Walls Do Talk".

Oh yeah, Dr. Metzger teaches a full slate of classes too...

Lifestyle Evangelism in the 21st Century: New Wine’s Fall Conference

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Come attend New Wine's fall conference, Lifestyle Evangelism in the 21st Century: Building Bridges to Neighbors and Neighborhoods! It will highlight the profound evangelistic and missional approach generated by Dr. Joe Aldrich's classic book Lifestyle Evangelism and what lifestyle evangelism looks like in the 21st century.

The conference will feature presentations, workshops, and panels by Paul Louis Metzger, John Morehead, Rusty Pritchard, Mike Abbate, Clark Blakeman, Tony Kriz, Caleb Rosado, Gary Tribbett, Brad Harper, David Greenidge, Roger Trautmann, Rachel O'Brien and more!

When and Where Is It?

  • Saturday, September 26
  • 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Mosaic Church: 1832 NE 39th Ave. Portland, OR 97212

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Students: $10
  • MU staff, faculty & alumni: $20
  • General public: $25

How Do I Register?

Download, fill out, and e-mail your registration form to

More Information

  • To view the conference schedule and a list of workshop offerings, check out New Wine's website.
  • For other information, contact New Wine at 503.251.6767

Harper and Metzger Featured in Christianity Today

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Once again, another Multnomah faculty-authored book is proving to be worth the effort it took to write it and important enough for more organizations not  named "Multnomah" to promote its merits!

Read the official press release about Exploring Ecclesiology: An Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction

Huge National Spread

Christianity Today magazine gave it a fantastic treatment when they condensed it down into a 4-page article with custom artwork in their August 2009 issue. This isn't just a book review - it is actually part of the book with Dr. Paul Louis Metzger of the Seminary and Dr. Brad Harper of the Bible College credited as the authors.

PDF of the issue here

Not Just a Textbook

Even though the book is accessible to anyone who wants to read it - and you should if you can - it is also going to be used in the classroom at other institutions. So, it's kind of making an impact.

To wit:

The Debate at “The Shack”

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It seems everywhere I turn these days I see and hear someone talking about this extremely popular book by Paul Young titled: "The Shack"

A Faculty Response
It seems to have stirred both raving fans and controversy. Recently, Seminary professor Dr. Paul Louis Metzger was interviewed by Zach Dundas of Portland Monthly magazine for what I will call his "evangelically informed theological take" on this book in the November 2008 issue.

Read it for yourself here

However, As Great As That Is
Our very own President, Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood, was on the cutting edge months ago when he wrote his review of the book for the Summer 2008 issue of Multnomah Magazine - (if you're not a subscriber, then do it, because it's free and worth every penny! Drop a line at

Here is the 2-page PDF for your ease.

We might get one more post up before Thanksgiving Break (hooray for Higher Ed holiday schedules!) - so check back again - otherwise, we'll see you on Monday or Tuesday with fresh fodder.

Consuming Jesus Picks Up Leadership Book Award

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Seminary professor Dr. Paul Louis Metzger's latest book, Consuming Jesus, continues to pick up steam as it moves through the world-wide blogosphere and key print media.

Consuming Jesus

This book award is kind of a big deal - big enough that Leadership Journal called it one of the "Ten Most Important Books of 2008" - and the only one to warrant a full page review and podcast interview series.

Read our full press release here.

The Goods

The "Top Ten" Books

The Full-Page Review

© 2008 Christianity Today International, used by permission of Leadership journal.

Download the mp3

Learn more about Out of Ur

© 2008 Christianity Today International, used by permission of Leadership journal.

Oh yeah, if these things get you going, then don't forget about the upcoming Drum Majors for Love, Truth, and Justice event!

Discussing Black Liberation Theology

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On 10/30/2008, Multnomah teamed up with North Portland Bible College to discuss the issues surrounding Black Liberation Theology with the Georgene Rice Radio Show.

With the unique election season we've been in, the subject has been brought into the mainstream media. Georgene Rice and Multnomah thought that providing accurate information about Black Liberation Theology would be a helpful antidote to the cursory (and sometimes wrong) descriptions that have peppered media broadcasts in the past months.

Listen to the Recording

Download the mp3

Special Thanks

  • Georgene Rice for her willingness to educate the Portland and Seattle Metro areas
  • Dr. LeRoy Haynes, President of North Portland Bible College for providing his perspective
  • Drs. Brad Harper and Paul Louis Metzger for being willing to discuss the issues of the day

I'm so grateful for the diversity of thought and academic freedom that is evident in Christian Higher Education. I truly enjoy seeing the different views and debates from differing perspectives on campus. Furthermore, the fact that Multnomah, as an institution, takes no stand on political subjects or candidates seems to really free up the individuals here to discuss freely - and that's a good thing.

Multnomah's Perspective:
Read our Doctrinal Statement to know our official word on theological subjects. We are a community with many different voices - but the one that ultimately represents MU can be found in this very useful document.

The Buzz About Mystery Worshippers

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Apparently there is an ever-growing trend for churches to hire "Secret Shoppers" or, to make it more palatable to their congregants, "Mystery Worshippers"...

The Thing
Check out this Wall Street Journal article about it.

Note that the Seminary was well represented at the end by our very own Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. (Well done, Sir.)

"Some theologians warn that mystery-worshipper services will drive 'spiritual consumerism.' Evaluating churches as if they were restaurants or hotels might encourage people to choose their church not according to its theology, but based on which one has the best lattes or day care," says Paul Metzger, professor of theology at Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, Ore. "We tend to look for religion or spirituality that will give us what we want, when we want it," Prof. Metzger says. "There's a pressure for the church to be something that the church is not."

The Buzz
The very day this article hit the wires, it was picked up by - amongst others - the Tulsa World and the Arizona Star.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life thought it worthy of their hallowed pages.

Then, bloggers and other online magazines jumped on it. There are too many to list, so I've done the Google search for you!

You probably have plenty of thoughts on don't hold back!

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