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School Colors Survey

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School Colors Survey

Recently, one of our classes taught by Dr. Debi Miller did an informal survey amongst students about school colors. When she showed us the results, we were intrigued enough to just make it public and let the broader Multnomah community have their say too!

The Survey

Take the School Colors Survey now

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2010 Constitution Day At Multnomah

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Here's a post from 2008 about Consitution Day at Multnomah.

Church and State

Making Sense of the Establishment and Freedom Clauses

Every year we are required by law to do an activity in honor of Constitution Day. In the past, we have held “Prayer at the Flagpole” and have prayed for our nation, but this year we are doing something different. Instead, on September 17 (today for most of you), Multnomah will be hosting a panel discussion on two of the most important and yet, most debated portions of the U.S. Constitution: the Establishment Clause and the Freedom of Religion Clause. Read the rest of this entry »