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You’re Invited to the 74th Annual Global Missions Conference

Olivia Morud — a student volunteer who's helping organize the Global Missions Conference (GMC) — tells us what we can expect from this year's event. The GMC will be held on MU's campus February 18-20. All classes will be cancelled so students can attend event sessions.

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Missionaries of Assurance

Missionaries of Assurance

Jesse and Krista Ashman - BA 2003, BS 2003

Raising support for overseas ministry is a bear! Depending on support while living overseas is a whole other beast! My wife and I are beginning our fifth year in overseas ministry. While raising support, we were given a lot of good advice from books and seasoned missionaries. But now that we have moved overseas and become dependent on that support, the challenge of financial unpredictability hasn’t gone away. Even from the shores of Sweden, we read stories of economic hardship…and we, like many others, feel vulnerable. But maybe that’s the point. Read the rest of this entry »