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Alumni Missionary Support – Uganda Update 1

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Greetings to you from Jinja, Uganda

Musiibyemutiano (How are you?)

I trust this greeting finds you well and enjoying the richest of our Savior's blessings. The past two days of ministry here in Jinja have been absolutely amazing. Our time together at Iguluwibi and Loco village was incredible! Some of the highlights include: sharing in an authentic village cooked meal, having the privilege of praying for an African mama and a child suffering from malaria and intestinal illness, hearing the sounds of joyful hearts expressed through children's laughter, connecting with our mentors and finding similarities among our differences, and getting to hold babies and have them fall asleep in our arms.

Sharing In God's Greatness

As different team members shared about the greatness of God's love, the importance of maturing in our faith and the beauty of God's faithfulness and the power of His forgiveness and grace at Iguluwibi, the presence of the Lord was powerful. In debriefing at the end of the day many shared how they felt as if they had already experienced a full week of culture and ministry in that one day experience.

michelles-pics-uganda-155During our time together at Loco village this afternoon we were able to share again with the children the greatness of God's love there and the importance of finding security and happiness in God alone by setting our hearts on eternal things with the women. God showed up and it was a beautiful thing. Several of the children in this village attend the primary school at the Pierce's home so it was a real treat for us to be able to share this time of fellowship and worship with them in their home village.


Some of the challenges we've faced have been: heat rashes, blisters, spider bites, sleep deprivation, adjusting to different levels of sanitary conditions in the villages and cold showers (though I must admit they have felt pretty refreshing at the end of a hot day in the African sun).

Supporting Children

We are excited and looking forward to spending time at Amani baby cottage tomorrow as well as meeting the children at New Hope orphanage and blessing them with the clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, tooth paste and underclothes that we were able to provide for them through the help from many of you. Thanks again for your love, prayer and support in walking with us through this journey.

Your prayers are making a difference throughout the moments of our days and so evident in the ministry God is doing here. Thank you! We couldn't be here without you.

Praying His richest blessings upon you today,

Michelle for the team

Alumni Missionary Support – Uganda

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Warmest of greetings to you from Jinja, Uganda!

dscf1613We wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that we've arrived! We are just getting started and already we've seen God's favor at work in absolutely amazing ways! From catching flights and trains on time, to experiencing limited delays, having favor with hotel staff, luggage arriving in tact, smooth flights and ease heading through customs, etc. etc.

God is good!

michelles-pics-uganda-182Based on our 2007 adventure  here, we had prepared ourselves, as well as the team, for a real third-world airport experience. Much to our surprise upon arrival, we discovered that the Queen of England (Queen Elizabeth) had preceded us for the Common Wealth Heads of Nation summit. Instead of being greeted by the incredible force of Uganda's heat, and entering a primitive cinder block building, we stepped out onto a cool jet-way that led to marbled tiles. The airport had been transformed, as well as the roads from Entebbe all the way to Jinja making for a pleasant journey to the Pierce's home where we will be staying these next few weeks. Praise God for no flat tires or sore tailbones.

Roses, Thorns, and Buds

michelles-pics-uganda-14As we sat around the dinner table this evening sharing in a Pierce family tradition talking about our roses (highlights of our day), our thorns (challenges that we faced) and buds (what we hope to take away from tomorrow) I was encouraged to see the Lord at work...some of the highlights included: Reunions with the Pierces, experiencing culture in the market place and the worship service at church this evening. Some of the challenges were heat exhaustion resulting in headaches and sunburns, and loss of electricity.

Tomorrow morning we'll have the opportunity to assist with the K-5 school in Don and Danielle's home and in the afternoon we will head to Iguluwibi village to share with the women and children there. Please pray for our outreach with these women and our program with the kids. Pray also for our adjustments to culture and the heat and that the Lord would work not only through us but IN us in powerful ways.

Michelle for the team

Taiwan Trip Wrap-Up – Coach’s Take

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Coach Bickley's Wrap-Up (PDF)

Alumni & Student Mission – Scotland Wrap-up

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Dear Prayer Supporters,

Prayer For Kingdom Work

As we bring our time here in Glasgow to a close, it is a bit bitter sweet to say good-bye to the community we have enjoyed getting to know while being here in Scotland. What a gift it has been to be here and to witness first hand the work God is doing through the ministry of Re: Hope. As we sat in this week's prayer meeting I was challenged to remember the need for continued prayer for the Kingdom work God is doing here in Scotland. How easy it is to allow the busyness of life to crowd out the urgency and it seems that the need for prayer dissipates. I have been especially touched through our alumni community here and look forward to continuing a prayer partnership with the ministry of Re: Hope from a distance.

Memories Of Scotland

kiltScotland has been amazing on a number of different levels, in addition to the ministry we have enjoyed, some of the other highlights include: lots of exercise (we've walked everywhere), eating haggis and actually enjoying it (even knowing what we were partaking in - thanks to our team host Leah for the breaded Chicken she stuffed it in), driving on the left side of the street and sitting on the left side of the car as a passenger, enjoying the charming melodic sounds of the bagpipes (or at least I have) and seeing manhood expressed fully in a plaid-pleated skirt and a fur covered "man-purse" .

Fellowship, Rest, Witnessing

The past few days have provided for us opportunities to rest, work and enjoy great fellowship:

  • Monday: We spent as an "Abide Day" along with Re:Hope's staff. They are intentional about taking time to rest (so good for my soul). We were able to pick up a picnic and enjoy the day, reading, journaling and walking in a near by park.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Were spent preparing for our community outreach event: "La Nuit" (French for "The Night"). Allen, Kirsty and the band provided amazing entertainment for us with music from the 50's up to the present. As a large part of Re: Hope's ministry is relational, La Nuit provided an opportunity for the church to invite the community to experience great fellowship in a non-threatening environment. Some really great conversations were had. I personally was able to connect with a gal named Amy. As we began to share she was straight forward in telling me how she was an atheist and that the only reason she was there was because she had been invited by a friend who was a Re: Hope church member. As we discussed topics from hand lotion to travel to politics to philosophy (which is her study concentration at the University) to the work God was doing at Re: Hope! I trust that the Lord used the evening to begin to break down the barriers and remove the scales from her eyes in showing Himself to her.
  • Thursday: Brian Ingraham led our team on a prayer tour through the University campus. He shared with us more about the history of how God has been at work through Re: Hope and their ongoing dependence on where He is leading them for the future. As we stopped in front of the School of Divinity to pray, he shared about the current spiritual environment of the department with regards to the faculty and curriculum. The school is currently headed by a Muslim professor and even the teachers who claim to be evangelical Christians do not necessarily believe in the inspired Word of God nor the supremacy of Jesus. This is a huge tool in the evil one's hands as Glasgow is one of the only two schools available in the whole country for young ministers in the Church of Scotland to study. So even if they come in to the school as godly believers, the heresy they are taught can warp their understanding of truth and what they will eventually teach their congregations. I am reminded of the incredible privilege it is to study at a University such as Multnomah where the Word of God is being taught uncompromised in its full power and truth.

Pray For God's Truth

  • Please pray for God's truth to prevail here at Glasgow at the school of Divinity and for the ongoing ministry of Re: Hope.
  • Pray as well for our team as we prepare to transition back into home life in the States.
  • You can pray for Amanda as she looks forward to new community with new roommates and summer classes. Also, pray for her time in processing through our trip with those in her community as she anticipates potential future work here in Scotland.
  • Pray for Katie as she makes plans for summer travel to her home in the Bay Area.
  • Pray for me as I prepare for travel to Rome in connecting with alumni Tim and Rachel Uthmann and Tanya Heilman, as well as leading future mission work in Uganda and our team who will be joining me the first week of June.

Thank You!

Many thanks to each of you for your continued prayer support along this journey. We have valued so much your encouraging words and your prayers. They have been felt and MUCH appreciated!

Michelle for the team

Taiwan Trip Wrap-Up

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Anyone who has ever been on a mission trip knows that it's hard to capture all that was experienced. I was showing my wife some pictures and I said, "I wish I could have captured some of the SMELLS!" (On second-thought, maybe it's best that some things can't be captured?)

3 Days Back

christ-campI've been back from Taiwan now for about 3 days and I've been trying to reflect on my experience. It's difficult to put everything into words but I walked away with at least one big thought in mind; Multnomah students are truly unique.

MU Students Boldly Sharing The Gospel

kidsWatching Multnomah students minister to others was probably the most amazing part of the trip. They boldly shared the gospel of Christ in words and actions. They ministered to groups of students from kindergarten through college and our students did an incredible job of being Christ to these students. Sometimes it was in words as they shared their testimonies, spoke with them, and laughed. Other times it was through acts of service or even a "high five" when the language barrier was too much. This group of students were capable, qualified, and passionate servants of Christ and I was blessed to be a part of their efforts.

Shameless Plug

And (to shamelessly toot Multnomah's horn), I can't help but think that God has used Multnomah to help shape their character and calling.

Personal Growth

jeff-and-jerryPersonally, I was also ministered too. I went into this trip with just a little bit of anxiety because I hardly knew any of the students. Sure, Multnomah is small enough to know who most people are, but I felt like I only knew most of them by name or superficially. It was awesome to see a group of close, tight-knit students welcome me into their team and allow me to do ministry with them. I was encouraged and felt like I made new friends.

Also, it was a ton of fun. If you have never been on any kind of short-term missions experience, Go. It's fun, challenging, and always worth the effort.

Alumni Student Trip Photos

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Read about a group of students and alumni assisting alumni missionaries in the field this summer.

Hot-Off-The-Memory Card!

Don't worry, Michelle is keeping you updated with photos from the trip. Enjoy them while they're here, because once the group moves into Uganda...WiFi access might get a little dodgy.

Having learned some of Scotland's Heritage, I started to notice the interesting street and restaurant signs and how Re: Hope church is working to bring revitalization to the church in Scotland.

What's Busking?
Kat busking down on Buchanan Street in the city center.dsc02506

Re: Hope
Church Building, communion, prayer, and Brian Ingraham preaching. dsc02511dsc02509dsc02525dsc02543dsc02554dsc02520

Mitchell Library...In Scotland?

dsc02563MU alumni from L to R: Brian Luse, Kellie and Brian Ingraham and Mike and Jaelyn Libolt (and me) in front of Mitchell Library here in Glasgow.  I thought it was so cool to see a Mitchell Library (the Library here where Brian Ingraham-Re:Hope's sr pastor - spends much of his time studying...much like his studying at the John and Mary Mitchell Library on Multnomah's campus!

Pray for us as we look toward travel to Italy soon!

Alumni, Students, Scotland, Italy, Uganda

It seems that missions work has been taking many of my coworkers away this summer! Here's another one lead by our Director of Alumni Relations Michelle Peel:


Departing Letter

The following is a letter dated, May 17th, 2009. The PDF's that follow are subsequent updates for you to download, read, be encouraged, and pray over. We will post new ones as we get them.

Good morning faithful prayer partners,

Warmest of greetings to you in the name of our precious Lord and Savior.  I trust this greeting finds you well and enjoying His richest blessings on this beautiful Sunday morning.  As we prepare to take off and cross the ocean today, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say hello and to thank you again for your prayers and your support for our team as we embark on this significant time of ministry in Scotland. 

Our plan is to depart PDX at 12:20 PM today and fly straight through to Amsterdam and then onto Edinburgh (arriving at 10:20 AM tomorrow morning) where we will join Multnomah Alumni Brian and Kellie Ingraham, Mike and Jaelyn Libolt, and Brian and Shawna Luse to serve along side them in the ministry of Re: Hope for these next two weeks.

Please pray for a safe flight, that our luggage would arrive in Edinburgh when we do and for God to work in and through our team in powerful ways!

Excited to get there and to be a part of what God is doing in Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks so much for your prayers!

With deepest appreciation,

Michelle (on behalf of the team)

Latest Updates


Taiwan Trip Update 2

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See the First Post and Update 1 for context.

Today Started Very Early 

david-and-goliath-bethanyWe left our hotel at 6:45 a.m. to take the train to the Bethany Academy.  Our trip took about 45 minutes and it was nice to see more of Taipei as we rode. We began the day at Bethany by leading a chapel for their K-5th graders.  We had a blast.  The girls led a song and Coach Bickley spoke about David and Goliath.  One of our players, 6' 4'' Colin Henderson, played Goliath and a little kid named Ashish played David.  It was lots of fun.

 A Sobering Reminder

After the chapel, we had a Q&A session with their 9th graders about college life.  It was really interesting to hear some of their questions and experiences.  One student in particular told me about his struggle with being the only Christian in his family.  He began attending Bethany academy because his parents thought it was a good school.  He became a believer while attending school but no one else in his family follows Christ.  He was telling me how he's even nervous about reading his Bible at home because if his family knows he is a Christian, they will be upset with him.  It sure makes me realize how much I take for granted and I pray that this student has the courage to embrace Christ with very little family support.

 Basketball and Testimony

drills-at-bethanyWe also led a basketball class for their students.  Some of our players ran different ball handling and shooting drills.  After that we did another Q&A session with their 6-8th graders.  We ended our time at Bethany by attending the chapel for the 5-9th grades.  One of our players, Seth Coleman, gave his testimony and Coach Bickley spoke. 

 BBQ Squid and Mechanical Bulls

bullThe afternoon and evening were free, so many of us hit the town.  We did plenty of shopping and some of us tried some local food.  I watched one student eat a barbecued squid.  The whole thing.  Wow.  Bravery takes many forms.

On a completely random note, I rode a mechanical bull in Taipei with a couple of our students.  How weird is that!? 

colin_wyenbergColin Wyenberg
Admissions Counselor
Multnomah Bible College

Taiwan Trip Update 1

Our First Full Day In Taiwan 

Traveling here was...long.  VERY long.  It was a 10 ½ hour flight to Japan and then another 4 hour flight to Taipei.  It was 10pm here when we arrived, which is 7am at home in Portland.  Needless to say, we were tired and ready to sleep when we arrived.

We started our day by travelling on the MRT (their mass transit train) from our hotel to Christ's College.  The college is actually at the top of a hill, so we walked from the train up a very steep hill.  If you have ever been to Taiwan, you'll know that it is very humid here.  We are all adjusting to sweating a little more than normal! 

Chapel In Taiwan

We were introduced to the student body at the beginning of their chapel service.  We will be speaking at their chapel on Friday.  After chapel, we headed down to Tzu-Chiang Elementary school.  We gave away basketball cards and invited the children to the outreach event we are doing on Saturday.  The kids were VERY cute and some spoke pretty decent English.  After hanging out with them for a while, we headed back to Christ's College to have lunch with the students.

Sight-seeing And Fellowship

After lunch we had some time to explore the city.  Many members of the team headed into Danshuiwith some of the students from Christ's College.  It was very helpful to have students who are familiar with the area showing us around.  Danshui has a lot of shopping and there is a nice walk along the river here as well.  We truly enjoyed the company of our local hosts and they seemed to enjoy us as well.  They at least enjoyed our attempts at speaking Chinese!

Sports and Testimonies

bball-teamsThis evening, we met back at Christ's College to play various sports with them.  Some students played volleyball outside while the basketball teams from Multnomah and Christ's College warmed up with some competitive events in the gym.  The night ended with a basketball game.  Multnomah had a modest 99-48 victory.  Every Multnomah player hit a 3-pointer within the first half.  They played great and had fun.  After the game, Melissa Miller shared her testimony with the students via an interpreter. 


We walked back down the hill to the train in pouring rain.  At one point, Coach Bickley smirked, "So...if you want to be a missionary, this is what it's like!"  It was actually a nice cool down after the game.

Tomorrow is an early start.  We are heading to Bethany School to lead their chapel and minister to their students.  As you read this, keep us in prayer.  Pray that people would come to Christ, that we would stay healthy and safe, and that God would continue to work through each of us.

colin_wyenbergColin Wyenberg
Admissions Counselor
Multnomah Bible College

Admissions & Basketball Go To Taiwan

It is just about 48 hours until I head to Taiwan.

Wow...It doesn't quite feel real yet. I'll be going to Taiwan for 10 days with members of Multnomah's Basketball and Volleyball teams to minister to the people of Taipei. The big idea of this trip is to use sports as a means of connecting with the people of Taipei and to be able to share Christ with them. Even though I am only marginally athletic, I am VERY excited to be a part of this team. I have the privilege of joining them in their ministry efforts as well as promoting Multnomah to a number of students.

Spending Our Time

The majority of our time will be spent connecting with students from four different schools in Taipei. Bethany Academy and Morrison Academy are two Christian schools that have a large number of missionary kids. We'll be speaking in their chapel services, giving a few basketball clinics, and playing a game against their high school basketball team. Christ's College is a unique college where about half of the students are believers and the other half are not. Many students are enrolled in the English program and we will have the opportunity to share with them at their chapel services as well as play a basketball game against their team. The last school we will be working with is Tzu-Chiang Elementary school. We will be inviting them to an all-day basketball clinic on Saturday, May 23rd that will be held at Christ's College.

colin_wyenbergFollow Along and Pray For Us!

I will be blogging every couple of days and I'll be sure to include plenty of pictures! This is a great opportunity and we would love if you would join us in praying that God would grant us opportunities to share His love with the people of Taipei.

Until next time...Zaijien!! (Good bye)

Colin Wyenberg
Admissions Counselor
Multnomah Bible College