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Scholarship $$ Still Available!

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Has This Ever Happened To You?
Conscientious Student: "Oh no! I want to have a successful year at Multnomah next year, but this harsh economy really has me worried! How am I going to pay for everything?"


How Does $1000 - $7000 sound?
It was recently brought to my attention by our esteemed Financial Aid Director Mary McGlothlan, that there is still $$ left for Multnomah scholarships - all you have to do is apply. Soon. By March 1st, to be exact.

5 Steps To Scholarship $$

  1. Go online to MU Finaid right now.
  2. Select "College" or "Seminary"
  3. Select "Multnomah Aid" from the left-menu.
  4. Download/Fill out short applications and turn in to Finaid ASAP!
  5. Breathe out a sigh of relief.

Don't forget - March 1st, 2009

Contact Financial Aid Today: