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Discrimination Against Christians In Academia?

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In a recent Inside Higher Ed article by Wheaton College professor Timothy Larsen, the case is made that discrimination against Christians (especially evangelicals) in colleges and universities might be seen by academics as an acceptable blind spot. Read the rest of this entry »

Multnomah Ranked in Oregon’s 100 Best Nonprofits

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In April 2009, Oregon Business magazine sent out an anonymous, 50-question survey to employees of small businesses all over Oregon. They also conducted an "independent assessment of the nonprofit employers’ workplace practices."

The result? Multnomah University was ranked #22 in the "Large Organization" category (over 75 employees worldwide) of "The 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon". The list included well-known non-profits like the Oregon Research Institute, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the Girl Scouts, the Oregon Humane Society, and OHSU Foundation (MU ranking higher than the last three).

Ranking Criteria

Organizations were ranked according to benefits and compensation, work environment, decision-making and trust, and career development and learning. Companies were placed into small, medium, and large categories according to employee number. More than 200 Oregon nonprofit organizations participated in the survey.

Thank You's

Big thanks to all of the Multnomah employees who participated in the survey, and to Multnomah itself for being such a great place to work!

Friesen Refresh

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Did you know that our own Dr. Garry Friesen has a blog with a large following? Did you also know that it's recently been redesigned and relaunched?

Friesen Fortnightly Blog

Check out the Friesen Fortnightly - .

Lions Basketball: Making 3’s And News

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Here's a fun article about how the MU Lions Men's Basketball team has attempted more 3-point shots this season than any other team in all of college basketball in the US (which probably means in the world)!

Read the Oregonian article before they archive it.

Download the PDF


Dr. Joe Aldrich Updates

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There has been such a fantastic outpouring of prayer and remembrance thus far - thank you for taking the time! Since we posted our original blog post called "Dr. Joe Aldrich, You Will Be Missed", there have been some further news items and blog posts.

Web Highlights (not an exhaustive list)

Don't Forget

  • Stay Tuned for the "Joe Aldrich Photo-Retrospective" blog post we're putting together.
  • Please continue to leave your comments so that we can give them to Ruthe Aldrich.
  • The Joe Aldrich Funeral on Friday (Tomorrow) 2/20 @ 2pm

The Buzz About Mystery Worshippers

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Apparently there is an ever-growing trend for churches to hire "Secret Shoppers" or, to make it more palatable to their congregants, "Mystery Worshippers"...

The Thing
Check out this Wall Street Journal article about it.

Note that the Seminary was well represented at the end by our very own Dr. Paul Louis Metzger. (Well done, Sir.)

"Some theologians warn that mystery-worshipper services will drive 'spiritual consumerism.' Evaluating churches as if they were restaurants or hotels might encourage people to choose their church not according to its theology, but based on which one has the best lattes or day care," says Paul Metzger, professor of theology at Multnomah Biblical Seminary in Portland, Ore. "We tend to look for religion or spirituality that will give us what we want, when we want it," Prof. Metzger says. "There's a pressure for the church to be something that the church is not."

The Buzz
The very day this article hit the wires, it was picked up by - amongst others - the Tulsa World and the Arizona Star.

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life thought it worthy of their hallowed pages.

Then, bloggers and other online magazines jumped on it. There are too many to list, so I've done the Google search for you!

You probably have plenty of thoughts on don't hold back!

Want More?

Multnomah Moves Toward University Status

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Below is the full-text of the official Press Release regarding Multnomah's move to the name "Multnomah University" - it is worth the read to get the official word on what a name change is and is not.


Multnomah Moves Toward University Status 

Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary will soon exist under the institutional name Multnomah University. In a unanimous vote, Multnomah's board of trustees resolved to take the necessary steps to become a university by July 1, 2008. The college and seminary names, missions, and curriculum emphasis will remain unchanged, but they will be included under the broader institutional name Multnomah University. Multnomah's faculty, president, and board of trustees were motivated by key strategic reasons to pursue university status.

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