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Women’s Ministry Pioneer Turns 93

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When you live to be 93 years-old, you've likely experienced and accomplished a lot of things. When your name is Dr. Pamela Reeve and you celebrate 93 years on this Earth, the list of experience and accomplishments is simply exceptional!

The List

  • NYU Grad
  • UCLA Grad
  • Architect
  • Counselor
  • Highschool Principal
  • College Dean
  • College Professor
  • Women's Ministry Degree Program Founder
  • Best-selling, multi-titled book author
  • Mentor
  • And too many more to list!

For further reading, check out more detailed (yet brief) bios here and here.

Happy 93rd!

(December 9, 2009)


A Seminary Lounger?

Did you know that because of her dual gifting in architecture and teaching that Dr. Reeve was instrumental in designing the Seminary Building known as Travis-Lovitt Hall? Her heart for community lead to the space with chairs and a fireplace known as the "Seminary Lounge"...or more accurately, the Dr. Pamela Reeve Student Community Lounge - dedicated in her honor on February 1, 2008.

See it by clicking on our virtual tour here:

  • Select "Travis-Lovitt Hall"
  • Then under the photo, select "Upstairs Lounge"
  • From there, you can navigate in full 360-degree views.