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Pray With Us

Over the years we here at Multnomah have gotten many, many, many requests from alumni, donors, and parents for us to let them/you know how to pray for/with the Multnomah community. Since we definitely need the prayer and know that many people praying in accord is a good thing, what we've decided to do is create a category called "Pray For MU" (you can find it in the menus on the right side) on this blog and every few weeks we'll post a list of requests from around campus.

Most of the following requests are quoted or strictly paraphrased from the person requesting it - so if the tone, style, and tense changes then you'll know why.

Please Pray For:

Student Services

  • Strong finish for students, that they would take good self-care, and safety traveling home after finals.
  • Protection and provision for our graduating seniors.
  • A healthy, protected campus should swine flu get worse.


Teacher Ed/MAT

  • Increased enrollment in the Teacher Education program.
  • Our students to have the resources to keep coming.
  • Wisdom and discernment for the program director.
  • Kathy McKee, our new full-time faculty member who starts on July 1st.
  • Adjuncts: excellence, good relationships with students and with other faculty.
  • Our preparations for an upcoming (September) TSPC site visit.

General Staff

  • Those being laid off here at Multnomah to find peace, work, and new ministry opportunities.
  • Energy to complete the tasks that God has laid before us.

Financial Aid

  • Our students and their families during the economic times - not just on having more money for school and living - but having the peace of Jesus.
  • More and more students and their families at home are a mess. In some cases, the children are "parenting their parents" because their parents are overwhelmed with life - whether it's financial, emotional or whatever - these kids are so burdened for their parents but more importantly their younger siblings that are still at home. They feel responsible and want to be there for their younger siblings but they want to stay in school and fulfill God's call to be at Multnomah. It's fairly obvious that these students are overwhelmed with all of this.
  • Our enrollment challenges to not just get new students, but keeping the old ones in the midst of total chaos. They [students] need wisdom and peace.


Do You Need Prayer?

  • If you would like prayer, please use the comments on this blog to state it and other readers will pray with us for you.
  • If you would like prayer, but don't want it public, you can request it here. Our Advancement Department prays for these requests every week.