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Don’t Miss College Preview!

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That's right! College Preview starts tomorrow (February 4th-5th, 2010) and it looks like there are lot's of previewers coming this year! If you'd like to "try before you buy" the college experience, then this is a great opportunity for you! (or someone you know!)

Check out our fancy new Preview Website

By the way, if you are thinking of starting the Bible College this coming Fall 2010, then go hang out with your future classmates at the MU 2010 Facebook Group.

Did You Miss College Preview?

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Tell your friends. Tell your little brother and sister. Bring that kid from youth group you never thought would turn out to be anything! College Preview may be happening right now, but you can still call us to set up a personal visit or check out Mondays @ Multnomah.

We also had a radio ad running just to remind the locals that it was here. Don't miss out next time!