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MU Plays a Key Role in Reno’s Fight Against Sex Trafficking

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Director of MU Reno-Tahoe John McKendricks and Awaken, Inc. saw some of the fruit of their labor this past week when Nevada's Governor Brian Sandoval signed a bill in support of sex-trafficking prevention. What began as an effort by Multnomah to minister to their community in Reno has continued to grow and flourish with real, tangible results in view. Read the rest of this entry »

Sustainable Hybrid Education

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Now that we've got your attention with fancy words like "sustainable" and "hybrid", we actually have an interesting article we found some time back that discusses the merits of education that is a blend of online and in-person activities (hence the "hybrid" terminology!).

Sustainable Hybrids - Inside Higher Ed

What does this have to do with Multnomah?

Turns out, little ol' Multnomah is already doing this with what we call "distributed learning" at the Seminary. We call it Multnomah Connect. Not only can you take seminary classes online, but you can take them at our Reno-Tahoe or Anchorage sites as well. Then, when you're ready, you can finish it all up with a visit to the Portland campus. (Somewhere in here, we hear the word "sustainable" too. Yikes!)


Other Reading on the Hybrid Education Movement

Signs of the Times

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This summer has us sporting two new signs.

The name change necessitated our new University sign which now joins our public face along Glisan Street. The Mulnomah seal is now affixed to the signs at our new extension campus in Reno, Nevada indicating their new name.

Building Facelifts and Dorm Upgrades
The Campus Support Services department has been hard at work upgrading things all around campus this summer. The last phase of the Memorial Dorm remodel was completed (I can almost hear the cheers from students now!).

Our Faculty annex (Helen-Carlson House) as well as our music and classroom building (Bradley Hall) received some paint, paneling, new windows, some new HVAC and nice landscaping (Again, cheers from the faculty and students!).

Multnomah commuter students have some classy new digs in the JCA Student Center.

We also have a new map as you pull into campus.

It may sound trite to say so, but there really have been too many improvements to mention them all. Come visit. It won't be hard to spot all the "signs" of progress here at Multnomah.

Reno-Tahoe Rolls into Town

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As we welcomed the Reno-Tahoe campus to the Multnomah University family we received a funny little gift in the mail.

Tumbleweed Break

It's a tumbleweed. We kind of just stared at it for a while. Multnomah being in Portland means we don't see much tumbleweed in these parts. Sure, I think we all recognize these sand dwellers from the movies, but we really couldn't understand why someone would mail us one (let alone three). Then we received an email from Jason Daniels the Administrative Director of the Reno-Tahoe campus detailing some facts about our new "friend"...

  • It is sharp. (Check!)
  • It is Nevada's answer to the pet rock.

He also sent some display ideas...

  • Hang it from the ceiling.
  • Put it in your yard next to a wagon wheel!

We here at MU Portland are really excited about how our expansion east will extend the reach of Multnomah's mission. Well, we want you all to know that the Reno-Tahoe campus connection is already being felt (or seen) on campus.

Tumbleweed, don't be anxiousTumbleweed near chapel

Tumbleweed looking at Seminary buildingTumbleweed inspiration

It is obvious that Multnomah University Reno-Tahoe is going to be a fun group to work with.

Here is a question for you. What do you think would be the Portland equivalent to a tumbleweed?

Multnomah University in Reno-Tahoe?

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Today marks an important beginning for Multnomah—for two reasons. First, on this day we begin operating as Multnomah University. And second, as Multnomah University we now occupy a significant footprint in Reno, Nevada, right in the heart of the mountain west.

Our Reno-Tahoe presence has been a long time in the making. Conversations began over nine years ago when several church and business leaders from northern Nevada approached Multnomah about the possibility of creating a Bible college in Reno.

“Many of our young people leave Reno for their college education,” says Multnomah alum Tony Slavin, one of the original trustees who serves on the pastoral staff of Grace Community Church, “but then they would never return to Nevada. We needed a place in Reno where they could be equipped to minister in the church here.”

For seven years, Multnomah, pursuing regional accreditation with NWCCU, could not launch extension education. However, Dr. Larry Ayers, a Multnomah adjunct faculty with higher education experience, spent a year in Reno organizing their board and securing approval from the State of Nevada to operate Meadows Bible Institute (MBI) as a state-authorized Bible institute, the only faith-based institution of its kind.

Then, last February, Multnomah’s board of trustees approved a recommendation to take over the facility in Reno for the purpose of offering accredited, biblical education for northern Nevada. After MBI’s board accepted this recommendation, Multnomah and Meadows negotiated an agreement that would transfer all its assets to Multnomah. We signed this historic agreement the evening of June 30, 2008, with joy, prayer, and celebration.

Looking Ahead
Now the work begins. Jason Daniels will continue as administrative director of the Reno-Tahoe site, reporting to me and working with each of the Portland campus departments. In cooperation with our accrediting agencies, we hope to begin offering accredited courses, perhaps as early as this fall.

Rejoice with us! God has, I believe, opened a portal of opportunity to enlarge Multnomah’s mission and ministry into the mountain west region of the United States!

Read the official press release here