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Multnomah University Men’s Residence Hall Sustains Significant Water Damage

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The South Aldrich Men's Residence Hall at Multnomah University is closed due to significant water damage sustained when a fire sprinkler valve located in the west wing of the second floor malfunctioned during the Christmas break on Saturday, December 27, 2008. It is unknown whether this malfunction is related in anyway to the unusually cold, snowy weather during this time.

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Multnomah, in keeping with her mission, is committed to caring for the needs of affected students during this inconvenient process. We pledge to care for the safe-keeping of students' personal belongings and to efficiently reimburse any losses incurred. We also pledge to keep students and their families informed with accurate information and ask that students have patience with us while we navigate this very complicated process. We are committed to doing everything possible to make this transition go well.