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Kigali Library Update

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For those of you who have been involved with or following the Kigali Kollection story here - we have an update for you.

Get caught up on the full story of our partnership with Rwanda's Kigali Bible College and Africa New Life Ministries.

Let's Get 15,000

Africa New Life is planning to send all the books in a container from Portland on March 31.  We are now praying for a BIGGER and FASTER miracle. The goal of 15,000 books has still not been met!

Current book total:      13,592    (74 new books since last week!)

If any of you have books or know of anyone who does, then please get them to us by March 15th so they can make it on the container ship!



New Goals Set for Kigali Kollection

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The Kigali Kommittee has reconvened and decided to set the new goal of collecting 15,000 books by December 15 for Kigali Bible College.

Check out the full background story here.

The current book total: 10,643

In total, Africa New Life Ministries is aiming to collect 30,000 solid, evangelical and theological books by December of this year.

How you can helpbookpile

  • Volunteer to catalog all the books with the Library of Congress (None have been cataloged yet).
  • Travel to Kigali for ministry and dedication of the college (10 people have expressed interest in going).
  • Donate any books you can at Multnomah.

For more information, check out the Rwanda Library Book Drive and contact Dr. Garry Friesen at

Kigali Kollection Achieves Goal of 10,000 Books!

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Goal Accomplished!

Once again, the Kigali Kollection has reached its goal—this time, five months before the due date. On July 15th, Multnomah staff, Debbie Chin and Mary Newman, both shared the pleasure of entering the 10,000th book to the Kigali book database. Between the two of them, they have entered a total of 6,000 books this summer.

The current count stands at 10,202 and the committee hopes to reach 12,000 books before MU students return in the Fall.

Generous Donors

In addition to all the student, alumni, faculty, staff, and community donations at Multnomah, new donors are coming in all the time. Contributing to the collection were two very generous retired pastors. They donated their libraries, which totalled 1,350 books, to the Kigali Kollection.


Having a library with 10,000 books will allow Kigali Bible College to be an accredited institution (African accreditation bodies require an institution’s library to have 9,000-12,000 books in order for it to be accredited).

Keep Giving!

Although the goal has been met, the Kigali Committee will still continue to collect books until December 18. So don’t stop; keep the books flowing in!

See Past Posts for More History and Context

How Will the Books Get There?

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Many books have been collected... yet, how will they get to Kigali, Rwanda?

After working for three years to become registered as a Rwanda ministry, Africa New Life Ministries is now able to receive shipments. So the organization will store the books until a safe, dry place is ready to receive the Kollection in Kigali. In the meantime, ANLM is raising the finances in hopes of sending all the books at once in a 40-foot container, which will take 1-2 months to arrive in Kigali.

Kollection Update

With over 6 months to go, the Kigali Kollection has received, 7,074 books, 707 periodicals, with 2,926 more books needed before reaching the goal of 10,000. So continue spreading the word, and give, give, give!

See earlier posts for more information and context

Kigali Kollection Update

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Once again, the Kigali Kollection surpassed its set goal, with 6,534 books collected by May 15. The goal of 5,000 books was reached 13 days before the deadline.

New Goal

The new goal is to have 10,000 books collected by December 18. Apart from books, the Kigali Kollection is also collecting journals (not included in the book count).  Presently, 707 journals have been collected.

Keep Donating

Now that we have come to the end of the semester, you may have books in your possession that you may never use again. So donate, donate, donate! Send your books over to Debbie Chin or Dr. Garry Friesen who are both located in Sutcliffe Hall.

Contact Information

For more information, check out Africa New Life Ministries or contact Dr. Friesen at or Debbie Chin at or 503.251.6400.

Kigali Library Kollection Update

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Kollection Was So Successful That...logo_0001

The Kigali Committee is now doubling its goal in hopes of collecting different Bible, theology, and Christian books by May 15, 2009 for the largest theological library in Rwanda. After much prayer, the committee decided that the goal should be "Double or Everything," renaming the drive the "Kigali-Kigali Kollection." The committee is praying toward another miracle of receiving a doubled portion of 4,018 books by the set date. If the "Double" goal is met before graduation, then the new goal will be 5,000!

4 Ways To Participate

  1. Book Donator: Each student donates TWO books; each faculty donates FOUR (or more).
  2. Book Kollector: The committee needs 24 collectors who will be the point person at their churches to get book donations.
  3. Book Recorder: The committee needs 25 people to record books for a minimum of 2 hours. Volunteers will be paid $10/hr (Priority goes to those who have already donated hours previously).
  4. Finance Giver: Give $1 at each SWOT chapel; give a one-time offering; or be a Buck-One-Book giver (BOB).

4 Contacts:

  1. To be a Book Donator, contact Amanda Schick at MSC#105
  2. To be a Book Kollector, contact Eric Faris at MSC#869
  3. To be a Book Recorder, contact Chelsea Cantrell at MSC#562
  4. To be a Finance Giver, contact Josh Libby at MSC#358

If you're off-campus, contact Dr. Garry Friesen at or Debbie Chin at or 503.251.6400.

Most Recent Report:

The number of books recorded has now reached 2,223. During the first wave, most books were donated by students and employees on campus - this second wave of books has been largely from the local churches.

With 37 days left until graduation, 1,795 more books are needed to reach the goal!

What Is This Kigali Kollection?

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Congratulations to the Kigali Kollection Committee on reaching their goal of collecting 2009 books for Kigali Bible College in Rwanda, Africa. During Spring break, the team recorded books for a total of 25 hours.  At 1:22 p.m. on Friday, March 27, Ali Newby was privileged to record the 2009th book.


In the summer of 2008, Africa New Life Ministries (founded by MBS graduate Charles Buregeya) was awarded a grant to start a Bible training school in Kigali, Rwanda. Upon hearing the news, a group of Multnomah students pulled together to create a library for the school-the largest theological library in Rwanda. The team set a goal of collecting 2009 books by graduation day in May.

MU Students Commit

Multnomah students were given the options to be book donators, book collectors (at their churches), book recorders, or "BOB" givers (Buck One Book - which means that you donate $1 to Debbie Chin in upper Sutcliffe). Every Monday, the team kept the school updated with a collection report along with a countdown of how many days were left until the deadline. Presently, 38 more days are left.

Help Meet A New Goal!

With the goal of 2009 books already attained, the Kigali Kollection Committee will reconvene to recalculate a new goal. Presently, the team has recorded 2,028 usable books. So if you have started on your spring cleaning and have books you don't need, play a part in building up the largest theological library in Rwanda and donate those books of yours.

3 Ways To Get Involved

  1. Buck-One-Book donation at the Mitchell Library
  2. Drop off books at Roger Trautman's office in the Seminary
  3. Drop off books at Garry Friesen's office in Sutcliffe Hall