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Alumni & Student Mission – Scotland Wrap-up

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Dear Prayer Supporters,

Prayer For Kingdom Work

As we bring our time here in Glasgow to a close, it is a bit bitter sweet to say good-bye to the community we have enjoyed getting to know while being here in Scotland. What a gift it has been to be here and to witness first hand the work God is doing through the ministry of Re: Hope. As we sat in this week's prayer meeting I was challenged to remember the need for continued prayer for the Kingdom work God is doing here in Scotland. How easy it is to allow the busyness of life to crowd out the urgency and it seems that the need for prayer dissipates. I have been especially touched through our alumni community here and look forward to continuing a prayer partnership with the ministry of Re: Hope from a distance.

Memories Of Scotland

kiltScotland has been amazing on a number of different levels, in addition to the ministry we have enjoyed, some of the other highlights include: lots of exercise (we've walked everywhere), eating haggis and actually enjoying it (even knowing what we were partaking in - thanks to our team host Leah for the breaded Chicken she stuffed it in), driving on the left side of the street and sitting on the left side of the car as a passenger, enjoying the charming melodic sounds of the bagpipes (or at least I have) and seeing manhood expressed fully in a plaid-pleated skirt and a fur covered "man-purse" .

Fellowship, Rest, Witnessing

The past few days have provided for us opportunities to rest, work and enjoy great fellowship:

  • Monday: We spent as an "Abide Day" along with Re:Hope's staff. They are intentional about taking time to rest (so good for my soul). We were able to pick up a picnic and enjoy the day, reading, journaling and walking in a near by park.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Were spent preparing for our community outreach event: "La Nuit" (French for "The Night"). Allen, Kirsty and the band provided amazing entertainment for us with music from the 50's up to the present. As a large part of Re: Hope's ministry is relational, La Nuit provided an opportunity for the church to invite the community to experience great fellowship in a non-threatening environment. Some really great conversations were had. I personally was able to connect with a gal named Amy. As we began to share she was straight forward in telling me how she was an atheist and that the only reason she was there was because she had been invited by a friend who was a Re: Hope church member. As we discussed topics from hand lotion to travel to politics to philosophy (which is her study concentration at the University) to the work God was doing at Re: Hope! I trust that the Lord used the evening to begin to break down the barriers and remove the scales from her eyes in showing Himself to her.
  • Thursday: Brian Ingraham led our team on a prayer tour through the University campus. He shared with us more about the history of how God has been at work through Re: Hope and their ongoing dependence on where He is leading them for the future. As we stopped in front of the School of Divinity to pray, he shared about the current spiritual environment of the department with regards to the faculty and curriculum. The school is currently headed by a Muslim professor and even the teachers who claim to be evangelical Christians do not necessarily believe in the inspired Word of God nor the supremacy of Jesus. This is a huge tool in the evil one's hands as Glasgow is one of the only two schools available in the whole country for young ministers in the Church of Scotland to study. So even if they come in to the school as godly believers, the heresy they are taught can warp their understanding of truth and what they will eventually teach their congregations. I am reminded of the incredible privilege it is to study at a University such as Multnomah where the Word of God is being taught uncompromised in its full power and truth.

Pray For God's Truth

  • Please pray for God's truth to prevail here at Glasgow at the school of Divinity and for the ongoing ministry of Re: Hope.
  • Pray as well for our team as we prepare to transition back into home life in the States.
  • You can pray for Amanda as she looks forward to new community with new roommates and summer classes. Also, pray for her time in processing through our trip with those in her community as she anticipates potential future work here in Scotland.
  • Pray for Katie as she makes plans for summer travel to her home in the Bay Area.
  • Pray for me as I prepare for travel to Rome in connecting with alumni Tim and Rachel Uthmann and Tanya Heilman, as well as leading future mission work in Uganda and our team who will be joining me the first week of June.

Thank You!

Many thanks to each of you for your continued prayer support along this journey. We have valued so much your encouraging words and your prayers. They have been felt and MUCH appreciated!

Michelle for the team

Alumni Student Trip Photos

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Read about a group of students and alumni assisting alumni missionaries in the field this summer.

Hot-Off-The-Memory Card!

Don't worry, Michelle is keeping you updated with photos from the trip. Enjoy them while they're here, because once the group moves into Uganda...WiFi access might get a little dodgy.

Having learned some of Scotland's Heritage, I started to notice the interesting street and restaurant signs and how Re: Hope church is working to bring revitalization to the church in Scotland.

What's Busking?
Kat busking down on Buchanan Street in the city center.dsc02506

Re: Hope
Church Building, communion, prayer, and Brian Ingraham preaching. dsc02511dsc02509dsc02525dsc02543dsc02554dsc02520

Mitchell Library...In Scotland?

dsc02563MU alumni from L to R: Brian Luse, Kellie and Brian Ingraham and Mike and Jaelyn Libolt (and me) in front of Mitchell Library here in Glasgow.  I thought it was so cool to see a Mitchell Library (the Library here where Brian Ingraham-Re:Hope's sr pastor - spends much of his time studying...much like his studying at the John and Mary Mitchell Library on Multnomah's campus!

Pray for us as we look toward travel to Italy soon!