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NOTICE: Beware the MU “Copycat” Phishing Scam

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Multnomah University's Director of IT Brenda Gibson sent out a message today, warning all of us in the Multnomah family about a new email phishing scam.

A Note From Brenda Gibson In IT

Good afternoon Multnomah Family,

I know I have sent several of these warnings out in the past couple of months, but last evening a student email account was compromised because he received the following email account and responded to it.  This one looks pretty legitimate, but it is not.  Please remember IT will never send a generic email  account telling you to reset your account settings.

Please remember to be ever vigilant as spammers are getting trickier and using more and more effective ruses to get you to give them your confidential information.

The Suspicious Email

Here is the email Mrs. Gibson references in her warning (all links removed):

Dear user of the mailing service!

We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox ***email removed*** settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link:

***link removed***

Best regards, Technical Support.


Be Careful

Remember, Multnomah's IT "will never send a generic email  account telling you to reset your account settings." If you receive any such email, notify the IT department immediately at 503.251.6555 or

As we've said in the past, protect yourself!

MU Post Office Open for Mail and Package Service from 1-3pm on 12/22/08.

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Yes, signs of life on campus. Given how close it is to Christmas and the fact that there are likely lots of mail and packages to send and receive for MU students who get their mail on campus or nearby, the Post Office and Campus Security are doing their best to supply staff to help out.

Just note that the register will not be open, so you will not be able to purchase postage or do anything else that requires a purchase.

  • The Multnomah University Post Office will be open for only 2 hours today from 1-3pm.
  • If the post office doesn't have a package you're expecting, please check at the Security Office - they may hold on to some packages for students.

Stay tuned for potential closure information for tomorrow.

Protect Your Password!

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I was notified today by Brenda Gibson, Director of Information Technology (IT), that some folks are getting email "spoofs" from "Multnomah" requesting that they "update" their username and password and personal info...YIKES!

Multnomah University Will NEVER Ask For Your Password

  • Neither will any of the different divisions within the University (College, Seminary, Grad Studies, etc) ever ask for your password.
  • If you get an email asking for your password, notify the IT department immediately at 503.251.6555 or
  • If you get an email asking for your account password, report it to your email provider and then delete it immediately (please, notify us as well).
  • Do not ever give out your personal information to an email solicitation - ever.

2 Instances Where You'll "Give" Your Password

  1. You initiate a call to us to have an issue resolved with your password.
  2. You are logging into a service on Multnomah's Website or Intranet that you use.

A Note From Brenda Gibson In IT

Spammers are using more and more psychological methods to get people to believe the email is legit. "It looks legit (logo, etc)" "it has my name in it", but no legitimate business - whether it's Multnomah, a bank, an online business - should ever ask you to provide them with your personal information including your username or passwords.

Protect Yourself!