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A Review of Homecoming 2012 in Photos

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A Review of Homecoming 2012 in Photos

If you have been keeping in step with the happenings here on campus, you know that we have just celebrated our 75th Anniversary Homecoming 2012. It was a great success full of excitement and remembrance of God's work through Multnomah and it's Alumni. If you did not get a chance to participate in the Homecoming festivities (or if you want to relive the excitement) please enjoy this slideshow recap.

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Photos Nepal: Spring Magazine Sneak-Peak

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Photos Nepal: Spring Magazine Sneak-Peak

Our cover article in the upcoming Spring 2011 issue of Multnomah magazine came with some amazing photos from an alumni family serving in Nepal - Jonathan and Taryn Isensee. There were far too many to put in the Magazine, so we decided to post them at the space below.

If you don't subscribe to the Magazine, just drop us a line at or call us at 503.251.6452

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“Free Stuff” Bus Ad Photo Party A Big Success

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It rained. The drinks were hot. The Facebook Group was even hotter.

We ran out of T-shirts and prizes. The busses were pretty cool.

And we had a winner for the big raffle of a $75 gift certificate to Kell's:

Congrats to Caitlin Hillygus!





Check out the pics below for all the details.

"Thank You"

  • Tri-Met for bringing the busses (it's a big deal to remove two of them from rotation).
  • Lamar Transit Advertising for hooking it all up...especially for the prizes and goodies!
  • The MU Public Safety Department and MU Staff for sacrificing key parking spaces.
  • Students for not picketing my office after I spammed you so much!