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Final South Aldrich Hall Flood Update

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For full context:

The following information is paraphrased from a Student Services Email to the ProCom department.


Our "Southies" moved back into South Aldrich on Thursday, April 9th, 2009. We had a great welcome home BBQ for them provided by STUGO, many of the women from Memorial Hall, men from North Aldrich Hall, staff, faculty, and administration helped the Southies move back in. The rain held off until we had nearly everyone moved in so everyone stayed dry and enjoyed a celebratory experience of moving back into campus housing.

Many of the South Aldrich residents communicated their gratitude to Multnomah for communicating well with them and finding ways to meet their needs throughout this process.

Some Of The Ways Needs Were Met

  • MU employees coming in early from Christmas vacation to handle things.
  • Some MU employees were on-call 24-hrs a day for student needs.
  • Providing Tri-Met passes for all the Southies living in the hotel (run by Eastside Foursquare Church).
  • Having students "Adopt-a-Southie" with the goal of serving their Southie and keeping him connected to campus.
  • Staff and faculty provided meals for all the Southies at their temporary locations.
  • Every displaced Southie was given a generous rooming discount to offset any additional expenses or inconvenience that occurred.
  • All damaged personal items were covered by Multnomah and students were able to get reimbursed the replacement cost for each damaged item.
  • The commuter center reached out to the Southies, inviting them to use their space and attend any events that they had for commuter students in an effort to make sure they stay connected to campus.

Bonds Not Easily Broken

  • A number of students living in the hotel said that they grew closer together during their time at the hotel in a way that may not have happened on campus.
  • The men living in the Pacific Street houses and the Scruggs apartments enjoyed the camaraderie of living in a house or apartment together.
  • Even though they were very excited to move back in to South Aldrich, our students have shown us how they seek to grow and make the best out of a challenging situation.

Thank You!

  • A huge, special thanks goes out to everyone in Campus Support Services for all the hard work they have done throughout this transition process. Without their hard work we would never had been able to make this process flow so smoothly.
  • Thank you to students for being so gracious, mature, and understanding of the situation.
  • Thanks to Promotions & Communications for everything you have done to help us communicate well. I admire your professionalism and dedication to doing a job well. (Editorial note: Ahh Shucks. It's our job - even if it's weird to publish thanks to us ourselves! Full disclosure: In case you haven't figured it out yet, this blog is published by the ProCom department.)
  • Thanks to the Business Office for working out insurance and reimbursements and discounts to students so generously and swiftly.
  • Thanks to everyone in Student Services for going above and beyond to serve these affected students and coordinating every department involved in "recovery" - it is a true testament of the commitment to true service to students.
  • Thank you to Quality Inn and Roadside Hotel for the discounted occupancy rates and service to students living with them during this time. (Editorial note: Parents and guests, be sure to check them out and tell them that MU sent you when you need a place to stay near campus.)


What Now?

Multnomah will leave the flood Webpage, Twitter feed, and Flickr feed up for the rest of 2009 just in case there are more updates to come.

As of right now, the projects are complete and the students could use our prayers for a strong finish to what has been a very unique year!