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Protect Your Password!

2 comments Written on October 27th, 2008 by
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I was notified today by Brenda Gibson, Director of Information Technology (IT), that some folks are getting email "spoofs" from "Multnomah" requesting that they "update" their username and password and personal info...YIKES!

Multnomah University Will NEVER Ask For Your Password

  • Neither will any of the different divisions within the University (College, Seminary, Grad Studies, etc) ever ask for your password.
  • If you get an email asking for your password, notify the IT department immediately at 503.251.6555 or
  • If you get an email asking for your account password, report it to your email provider and then delete it immediately (please, notify us as well).
  • Do not ever give out your personal information to an email solicitation - ever.

2 Instances Where You'll "Give" Your Password

  1. You initiate a call to us to have an issue resolved with your password.
  2. You are logging into a service on Multnomah's Website or Intranet that you use.

A Note From Brenda Gibson In IT

Spammers are using more and more psychological methods to get people to believe the email is legit. "It looks legit (logo, etc)" "it has my name in it", but no legitimate business - whether it's Multnomah, a bank, an online business - should ever ask you to provide them with your personal information including your username or passwords.

Protect Yourself!