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Happy 100th Birthday Willard Aldrich!

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Dr. Willard M. Aldrich will celebrate his 100th birthday on Sunday, January 4, 2008!  Willard (as he's known by many around here) was with Multnomah since its founding. His leadership and hard work with fellow founders laid the foundation for the principled, Biblical education we strive to give to this day.

  • Founder
  • Founding Trustee (until retirement in 2004!)
  • President
  • First Registrar
  • Faculty Member
  • AABC Accreditation Overseer
  • Campus Mover (literally)
  • Builder of 5 Campus Buildings
  • All these above and many more

Won't You Tell Him What He Meant To You?

We're asking everyone to send us stories and well-wishes that we can present, on behalf of the entire Multnomah family, to Willard and the Aldrich family. Your words will be set and bound in a book that we hope will be a blessing to a family and man that has done so much for the Kingdom of God through Multnomah.

2 Ways To Say It

  1. Comment below this post
  2. Send a private email to

Examples Already Sent In

"...I’ll always remember our special time together with you and Mimi out at the cabin, when I brought my dorm section up to stay the weekend in the A-frame.  …Oh how we enjoyed sitting at your feet and hearing old stories while learning about your love for trains and your deep passion for the Word of God..."

"...We have many happy memories of Multnomah when we were there. One of the fun times was when we came to your place and made apple cider.  We'd never had homemade cider before and it was very good, even though you told us afterwards that you just threw in the whole apple. worms and all..."

"...One of my favorite memories of you when I was a student was seeing you on the "campus days," wearing your flannel plaid shirt and driving your tractor around campus.  For me you exemplified down-to-earth faith as well as a scholarly and godly professor..."

There are so many well-wishes already, but we'd really like to get more from you. Comment or send them to