Mondays at Multnomah

4/9/2012 8:00AM-2:30PM

Mondays at Multnomah!
Experience a mini-preview on a Monday at Multnomah University. There will be an opportunity to attend classes, chapel, a Q&A, and the dorms! You will also have a chance to meet students, professors, and faculty. We are excited for you to visit our campus, and for you to find out that "if it's Bible you want, you want Multnomah!"

Mondays At Multnomah are one-day preview events that give prospective students an opportunity to visit our campus. Students are asked to register in advance for this event, although there is not a registration fee.


Multnomah University Portland, OR 97220 Phone: (800)275-4672

Contact Information:

Lisa Hezmalhalch Phone: (800)275-4672 Via Email