Faith and Culture Writers Conference


The Faith & Culture Writers Connection is a faith-based creative community of writers, bloggers, journalists, professors, activists, theologians, literary agents, editors, and everyday people who love WORDS and the Word and feel led to share the message God has given them through the literary arts. Many of the people who resonate with the Faith & Culture Writers Connection write because they have to write.
The connection exists to network, engage, inspire and validate fellow writers of faith as we seek to celebrate the very gift of creativity bestowed on us by the Great Creator Himself. God has given us the arts as a way to communicate truth to others in a culture starving for beauty and relevance and story that matters.
Every year (or two), we gather together for the Faith & Culture Writers Conference with about 20 speakers who engage in topics around faith and the arts and our creative calling. Our inaugural Faith & Culture Writers Conference was in 2011 at Western Seminary and the 2013 Faith & Culture Writers Conference is set for April 5-6 at Multnomah University.


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