MU Lions

About Athletics

Intercollegiate sports include women's volleyball and men's basketball teams. Each year these teams participate in the NCCAA Division II West Region Tournaments with hopes of advancing to the National Tournaments.

Multnomah University has dual membership in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA). The varsity men's basketball is also a member of the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC).

MU Athletics Travel

Multnomah athletes also have the opportunity to experience sports ministry overseas. Women's volleyball teams have traveled to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Moldova, Papua New Guinea, Germany, and Taiwan. Men's basketball teams have traveled to Europe, Mexico, the Philippines, Australia, and Taiwan.

Mission of Intercollegiate Athletics

The mission of the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Intramurals is to bring students, faculty, staff, and alumni together in educational activities that promote healthy lifestyles, enhance a sense of community, foster growth in leadership and teamwork skills, and encourage the pursuit of excellence.

Athletic Director

Since 1988 Lois Vos has been working as Multnomah University's Athletic Director. She also teaches Physical Education classes on campus and is directly involved with both the Basketball and Volleyball teams.