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Yates sets all Time Three Point Record

The Run Down

Yates sets all Time Three Point Record


MU-100 Reed-60 win

Portland, Oregon- December 3, 2011- The Multnomah Lions played a rare Day/Night home double header Saturday as they beat Reed College in the afternoon and then the North Adelaide Rockets from Australia in the evening.

In the Reed game, Tyler Yates hit 5 three pointers to become the all time school leader with 349 three's made. In the evening game, Yates extended that school record to 351 with two more treys in the evening game.

The Lions led 52-30 at the half and cruised from there. Erik Mendoza led the Lions against Reed with 17 points.

SCORING REED GAME: Coverson - 7, Johnson - 10, Bustrin - 15, Kamlade - 6, Mendoza - 17, W. Yates - 7, Coleman - 7, T. Yates - 15, Flah - 3, Walker - 6, Feyder - 7

Tyler Yates Sets MU Three Point Record

Senior guard Tyler Yates enrolled at Multnomah in the Fall of 2007 just looking for a place to play basketball. After taking last season off, Yates came back for his fourth season to the delight of all his teammates. A sharp shooter from behind the three point line, Yates has made a name for himself by setting the all time record for most three pointers with 349 made on 1075 attempts, breaking both marks previously held by Matt Nelson.

During Yates sophomore and junior year, he led MU with 144 and 145 three pointers made. The all time NCAA Division I record for most three pointers in a career is held by J.J. Redick of Duke, who hit 457 treys. If Yates continues at the pace he is on this year, he would have a shot at hitting that mark.

As his coach, I can say that Tyler has been one of my favorite players to play for me in the twenty years that I have coached. He is easily entertained by my many practice antics and sayings. He knows that his job is to just keep shooting and not to worry about his last shot, but be thinking of his next one. His sophomore year he missed his first 8 three pointers in a game and wanted to know if he should keep shooting. I told him he is not a "real man" until he missed his first 15 and still had the confidence to fire another one up. He took me to heart and has never looked back. He is a great teammate that plays hard all the time and knows how to enjoy the little things that come with playing basketball. I am most proud of the fact that Tyler will be graduating this Spring as he only has three credits to complete his degreee after the Fall semester.

Yate's partner from downtown has been his younger brother Willey, who is also playing his fourth year at MU. Willey has fired up 608 three pointers himself with only 2 - two point attempts in four years. Willey has hit 185 three pointers in his career - many of those from real deep. Together they have combined to bring some great memories to the MU program. The Yates brothers played for their Father Ted Yates at Gladstone High School.