While convenience is often the number one reason for living on campus, you'll find we offer our students much more than just a place to study and sleep. A decision to live in Multnomah University Housing means joining the 200+ students who call our campus home! Some students are required to live in campus housing (see Housing Requirement section below). To learn more about housing options, applications, and deposits, check out our living areas and find the right one for you!

Aldrich Halls

The Aldrich Halls house traditional undergraduate students, primarily Freshmen and Sophomores. Women are in the North building, and men are in the South building. All rooms are double occupancy.

Memorial Hall

Upperclassmen, non-traditional and graduate-level students live in Memorial Hall. Men and women are separated by wing. Standard rooms are single occupancy. Some suite options are available to students who would like a roommate and a small price break.

  • Upper Memorial is occupied by traditional undergrads, ages 20+.
  • Lower Memorial is occupied by graduate, seminary, degree completion, and older traditional undergrads (age 25+).

Ambassador Apartments

The Ambassador is comprised of shared apartments available to all students, ages 21 and older. Both single- and double-bedroom occupancies are available. Units are divided by gender and general stage of life. The Student Life department houses an Ambassador interest list that students can use to find roommates.

Why should I live on campus?

Research concludes that living on campus generally has a positive influence on a student's grade point average, level of involvement in campus activities, persistence toward a degree, and satisfaction with his or her collegiate experience overall.

Living on campus will help you get connected in the community quicker, keep you in close proximity to resources that you need, and expand your educational opportunities.

Housing Requirement

Because of the high value MU places in campus community living, all single undergraduate students under the age of 21 by the first day of the semester and taking 9 credits or more are required to live in residence hall housing. Some exceptions to this policy are made for students living with parents or who have extenuating circumstances. If you will be a commuting student, or if you would like to request an exception to the housing requirement, please fill out our online Commuter Form.

Housing Eligibility

You must be a degree-seeking student enrolled at least three-quarter (3/4th) time in your program to be eligible for campus housing. Audit and guest student credits do not qualify.