Ambassador Apartments

Enjoy the independence of apartment housing, convenience of living on campus, and benefit of the natural fellowship and growth that occur from living in a supportive Christian environment! The Ambassador is designed for single students, ages 21 and older, who are *enrolled at least three-quarter time in their academic program. There are many prices and options to choose from to fit your unique needs!

*Please note, auditing, guest, or other non-degree-seeking students are not eligible to live in campus housing.

About the Ambassador Apartments

Built in 2013, The Ambassador boasts hardwood floors, granite counter tops, large living spaces, and environmentally conscientious construction. There are two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, as well as a community space, on-site laundry, and on-site secure bike shed. These units are unfurnished, but basic bedroom furniture (single bed & mattress, desk, desk chair, and bookshelf) may be supplied upon request.

Application Process

Applying as a "Full Apartment"

Apartment assignments are made as full units, not as individual rooms. Students choose their own roommates and sign up as a group. Those applying for an apartment should put their preferred type of unit on their Housing Preference Form and list all the roommates they want to live with. Each roommate should qualify for apartment housing and have a reasonable expectation of enrollment for the upcoming term. Because apartments housing is limited, not all applicants will get in. Multnomah uses a priority points system for determining who gets priority for the housing.

Paying the Deposit

After submitting the Housing Preference Form, please pay the $200 refundable security deposit. Note: if you cancel your application before you move in, there is a $100 cancelation fee withheld from your deposit.

Getting on the Waiting List

For students who want to live in an apartment but do not have roommates selected, the Student Life office will maintain an Apartment Waiting List. If vacancies open up (before or during the academic year), names on the waiting list may be shared with current apartment residents that are looking for a new roommate. To get on the waiting list, just submit the Housing Preference Form and make a note that you'd like to be on the waiting list!

*Starting August 1st, if there are vacancies, the Student Life office reserves the right to make roommate placements, rather than waiting for residents to find their own new roommates to fill vacancies.

Important Nuts and Bolts


Pricing (2017-18)

All the pricing shown is per person, per traditional semester. Bedrooms may be doubled in the 2-bedroom units. All bedrooms are single occupancy in the 3- and 4-bedroom units.

  Unit size   Residents per unit   Bathrooms   Cost per student  
  2 bedroom unit   2 (2 single rooms)   1 bath   $3,150  
  2 bedroom unit   3 (1 double room, 1 single room)   1 bath   $2,350  
  2 bedroom unit   4 (2 double rooms)   1 bath   $1,905  
  3 bedroom unit   3 (3 single rooms)   1 bath   $2,900  
  4  bedroom unit   4 (4 single rooms)   1.25 bath (one full bath
+ one vanity area)


  • All utilities and WiFi Included
  • All kitchen appliances (refrigerator, oven/range, microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal)
  • Secure bike storage
  • On-site laundry facilities ($1.25/wash, $1.25/dry)
  • 24/7 access to Campus Safety
  • Residential Staff and programs

Agreement terms, billing and deposit

The Housing Contract is a nine-month commitment from the first day of classes in the Fall semester, through the Saturday after finals week in the Spring. Upper Memorial is closed for winter break (approximately mid-December through mid-January). Students who move in at the beginning of Spring semester are only contracted for that one semester.

Rent is charged per semester and is applied to the student's account unless the student arranges for monthly payments instead. Financial aid may be applied to housing after tuition and fees are paid.

*Exceptions: Contract dates may be adjusted for non-traditional programs, such as degree completion program and Master of Arts in Counseling, according to the program's academic terms.

Ambassador Apartments checklist

What to bring

  • Apartment furnishings
  • Linens
  • Cookware
  • Lamps
  • Hangers
  • Personal belongings

What not to bring

  • Pets
  • Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana
  • Candles/incense/open flames
  • Weapons/firearms (even decorative)
  • Halogen torch lamps
  • Nails, screws, drywall anchors