Newton Peter Scruggs Townhomes

Completing a degree while caring for the well-being of a family presents unique challenges. Multnomah University offers special support by providing quality, low-cost housing located on campus as well as a thriving community of student families to live among. Our housing is comprised of families spanning the spectrum of backgrounds and situations: from newlyweds, to those well-seasoned in their marriage; families with kids, without kids, empty-nesters, and single parent families; from locals, to internationals – all supporting one another as they strive to achieve their academic goals.

About Scruggs Townhomes

The Newton-Peter Scruggs townhomes were completed in 1995 and were specifically designed to house students and their families. Scruggs has 52 townhouse-style apartments on a two and one-half acre site located on the east side of Multnomah's campus. The units are clustered around a courtyard and walkway which naturally fosters connection between residents and especially for their children. Each unit comes with an assigned parking spot in an adjacent lot. Most of these units are two-levels with living spaces downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

Unit options and pricing

  Bedrooms   Baths    Square feet   Monthly rent    Refundable deposit  
  Studio   1   420   $600/month   $600  
  2   1.5   917   $845/month   $600  
  3   1.5   1,000   $920/month   $600  

Note: Additional monthly rent and security deposits are applied to residents with pets. Please see the “Pets” section below for more details.

Provided by the University:

  • Water/sewer/garbage utilities
  • Kitchen appliances: refrigerator, oven/range, dishwasher, garbage disposal (microwaves not included)

Residents are expected to provide:

  • All furniture
  • Electricity (heat, water heating, and appliances are all electric)
  • Optional utilities such as internet service, phone and cable

Eligibility and priority

  • At least one head of household must be enrolled three-quarter (3/4th) time in his or her program (9 credits for undergraduate students, 6 credits for graduate students).
  • All other unit occupants must be either a spouse or dependent of the student. (MU does not consider children 18 years or older to be dependents.)
  • Units are generally assigned on a first-come, first-served basis although program and distance traveled to come to Multnomah may be taken into consideration. For instance, new students coming from out of state may be given priority due to the difficulty of navigating Portland’s rental market from out-of-state. Similarly, students in traditional programs may be given first priority over degree completion program students or online-only students due to a higher need for proximity.


Up to two pets per household are permitted in the Scruggs Townhomes. Following is some information you need to know if you’re considering bringing a pet:

  • An additional $200 per pet is required in refundable security deposit.
  • Residents pay an additional rent amount of $20 per month, per pet.
  • Certain dog breeds and animals are not permitted.
  • Dogs must be at least six months old.
  • Residents must sign a Pet Agreement that outlines additional community expectations concerning pets. Please familiarize yourself with these expectations before deciding to bring a pet to campus.

Service and Assistance Animals Note: An animal required for the benefit of a person with a disability is excluded from the breed restrictions (though letters of reference may be requested), deposits, and pet rent requirements of this policy. All other policies in this Pet Agreement will apply unless otherwise approved through the Disability Services Office. To apply to have an assistance animal in your residence, please submit the Assistance Animal Application as well as the Pet Agreement


To apply for housing, please do the following:

Billing and payment deadline

Rent is due the first of each month. Students may have financial aid automatically applied to their housing bill if there are funds left after tuition and fees are paid and the student makes arrangements in advance with the Business Office. For more information, please email


A shared laundry room is available on-site. Laundry is $1.25/wash and $1.25/dry.


Multnomah employs a residential Family Housing Resident Director to care for our Family Housing community. Our staff is enthusiastic about building connections in the community and serving as a resource in any capacity that we are able.