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Residence Halls

Welcome to Residence Life! Are you ready for an experience that will change your life? Living in an MU residence hall is more than just a convenient place to sleep at night. At Multnomah University we view our residence halls as an extension of the classroom. Some of the greatest lessons you will learn as a Multnomah student will happen while living in community with others. Our Residence Life team is dedicated to providing you opportunities for personal and spiritual growth while offering you a fun place to connect with your peers.

Residence Life provides opportunities for student growth and development through our intentional discipleship-based program. Residential staff to student ratios are kept low to provide all of our students living in housing with unique opportunities to bring what they’re learning in the classroom right into where they live. Additionally, research concludes that living in the Residence Halls has a positive influence on a student's grade point average, level of involvement in campus activities, retention at the University, and satisfaction with his or her collegiate experience.

Because we view Residence Life as an integral part of your Multnomah education, single undergraduate students under the age of 21 who are taking at least 10 credits are required to live in Residence Hall housing.

Here’s some additional reasons why YOU should live on campus:

  • Satellite TV
  • All utilities paid
  • Time savers
    • No need for grocery shopping
    • meal preparation
    • kitchen clean up
    • restroom clean up!
  • Free WiFi and internet access/computer labs
  • A wide variety of nutritionally prepared meals
  • Transportation cost savings & hassle-free parking
  • Residential events such as hall section retreats, forums, & brother/sister section events
  • Residence Life staff trained to foster community and wanting to know you for who you are
  • The opportunity for a life changing experience!

Housing Info and Forms

Residence Halls

Aldrich Hall houses single students and is newly refurbished. North Aldrich Hall is home to female students and South Aldrich Hall is home to male students. Residence hall life offers exciting and meaningful opportunities to connect with other students and the Multnomah community as a whole.

Students enjoy a strong peer-mentoring program under the leadership of a full-time Area Coordinator (AC). The Halls are divided in to sections, each of which has a student employee Resident Assistant (RA) who develops community by providing mentoring and/or discipleship opportunities, creating unique programs that draw students closer to Christ and each other, and connecting residents with resources on campus. The RAs walk alongside students in their spiritual journey and will pray with and for students on a regular basis.

Rooms and Roommates

Your Area Coordinator spends a significant amount of time prayerfully considering the best roommate fit for all new students living on campus. We genuinely desire to have you connect well with your roommate and will continue to help you make this connection strong even after you have moved into your residence hall room.

To help us be successful in this process, we ask you to refer to your housing application that provides you with areas to list your personal preferences (sleeping patterns, study habits, music styles, etc.). Also, if you have a specific roommate request, you can fill out the appropriate section on the housing application. Specific roommate requests must be mutual to be considered. 

From time to time, a room has to be "tripled" due to limited housing availability. A "triple" room means there are three residents in a room instead of only two. "Triples" will be assigned to those students who applied for housing latest and a room discount will be applied to the student’s account for as long as he/she occupies a triple room.