Student Government Association

Multnomah University’s Student Senate exists to:

  • Advocate for student needs and interests to the faculty and administration.
  • Inform the student body of current campus events.
  • Empower student leadership in clubs and government positions.

Our senate team consists of full-time, traditional undergraduate students. The executive council consists of the Student Body President, Vice President and the Director of Communication and Finance. The Legislative council consists of four senators who represent their respective classes (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors).

Our desire is that every voice is heard and that our voices together make a difference in the school and the community.

Want to be a part of the Senate Team?

An elected position on the senate team allows you to directly impact the student body. As an active member of Student Senate, you have the opportunity to develop as a leader in a real and tangible way. Whether through advocating for change at Multnomah, helping a new club begin, or creating a new Multnomah tradition, Student Senate aims to make a difference in the lives of students. Participating in student government can be a rewarding experience socially and spiritually.

Elections for all senate positions are held in April each year.

Contact the Current Team

We would love to hear from you! You can send the current Student Senate team an email at or check us out on Facebook at Multnomah StudentSenate.

We also have a Voice Box in the JCA lounge by the mailboxes. Please leave us a note with any comments or suggestions. The Senate reviews these weekly. Your voice can make a difference!