Core Values

Abiding in Christ

  • Provide opportunities for students to pursue growth in their relationship with Christ through discipleship, mentorship, community worship opportunities, counseling services, and the development of Christian leadership.
  • Provide accountability and support through a restorative and redemptive process as students address issues which may hinder their Christian testimony and growth in godliness.
  • Empower students to create opportunities for corporate worship, prayer, and mutual encouragement in the spiritual life of our community.

Investing in Community

  • Create opportunities for students to transition and acclimate to the spiritual, social, educational, and geographical settings.
  • Develop social, educational, and spiritual programming for both residential and commuter students that unites diverse students together as a community of grace.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty and staff interaction with students to foster a supportive college community.

Pursue Healthy Living

  • Challenge students to pursue well-balanced and healthy lifestyles through programs and resources designed to nurture spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Support students in their choices to overcome unhealthy habits, attitudes and behaviors so that they are free to excel in their collegiate studies and life after Multnomah.
  • Raise awareness and provide education concerning opportunities for student growth in health and wellness.

Develop Life Skills

  • Empower students with opportunities to increase self-awareness and develop leadership skills for church and marketplace ministry.
  • Partner with faculty, staff, and other departments on campus to equip students with important life skills and knowledge in the following areas: cultural awareness, pursuing vocational goals, managing finances, and managing stress and transitions.
  • Encourage students to develop effective interpersonal communication skills such as confrontation, problem-solving, and setting appropriate boundaries.

Promoting Academic Success

  • Identify barriers to student success and partner with practioners on and off-campus to assist students in meeting their academic goals.
  • Provide opportunities for study skills development and tutoring services in multiple disciplines to enhance student learning and to meet the academic demands of college.
  • Advocate for students with disabilities and serve as a resource to the campus for awareness training, access, and student success.