Student Life provides Christ-centered support to maximize the student experience at Multnomah.

Integrative Model of Student Development

In Student Life, we intentionally combine educational best practices and professional expertise with a passion for the Savior and heart for ministry. By nature of our mission as a Bible College, we integrate faith and learning as we support students in their educational and spiritual formation goals. We believe that growth and development occur when a student is both challenged
and supported.

To that end, we have three primary areas where we seek to support our students in their personal growth:

Leadership Development

We provide over 40 paid student leadership positions for current students such as Residence Life staff, Commuter Assistants, Tutors, Student Senate and Student Involvement positions.

We also have many opportunities for students to volunteer in various leadership roles to promote community life.


Life Management

College is an incredible time of growth. This process of growth can take place through various circumstances including adversity, unforseen challenges, new responsibilities, new roles and relationships. Student Life is here to provide holistic support in this process. Whether it be working on a resume, addressing life issues with a counselor, or receiving academic help from a tutor, we want to walk alongside students in practical and meaningful ways.

Character Formation

Our highest priority in student life is facilitating the continual development of Christian character. Whether it’s in the context of leadership, counseling, student conduct, or academics, we not only have a high standard for each other as Christians, we have a redemptive and developmental model to challenge and support you in the process of being formed in the image of Christ.