Multnomah University

DCP Student Ministries

Student Ministries exists to develop imitators of Christ by integrating students’ academic understanding of the Word of God with experiential learning to be effective witnesses and servants in the church and world.

Student Ministries is an integral part of the total academic program. It functions under the supervision of the Academic Dean and is administered by a team of qualified faculty and staff in the Degree Completion Program Department.


The primary purpose of the Student Ministries Department is to:

  • Provide students with opportunities to take classroom knowledge (theory) and apply it to real life situations (practice) for a lifetime of fruitful ministry.
  • Cultivate a heart for an intentional ministry of love and service to God and people.
  • Offer ongoing interaction, encouragement, and prayer with like-minded ministry peers.
  • Provide coaching and evaluation of students as they reflect on their ministry experiences.
  • Assist students in determining their personal ministry strengths and abilities


Each full-time student must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete one (1) Student Ministry Credit for each full-time semester completed
  • Complete least 15 hours per semester of an approved ministry
  • Submit three Student Ministry assignments due over the course of one semester
  • Meet for encouragement, supervision and evaluation with your ministry mentor at least four times during the semester
  • Receive credit/no credit status as determined by the SM Department after student submission of all assignments