2011 Workshops & Speakers


Tuesday February 22

9:30 - 11:00

Plenary Session 1 with Gary Burch

11:30 – 12:45

A Skeptics Guide to Orphans in Africa (B4)

Matt Payne (COTN)
A discussion of 10 key issues and how to address them.

Mental Health Needs of Traumatized Swazi Children (L101)

Dr. Bob Beilke (Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital)
A discussion of the mental health needs of children in Swaziland and possible roles for the mental health professional working in a cross-cultural setting. The use of narrative therapy, psychological assessment, consultation to care givers, and cross cultural challenges will be presented.

“Unpacking Hope” (TL 111)

Letha McCleod (CASA)
We will be looking at how Court Appointed Special Advocates works and how someone can get involved or feel comfortable in these situations. CASA – bringing hope to hopeless, abused, & neglected children.

Building Capacity for Zambian Teachers (B3)

Dr. Machelle Beilke (Bethel Public Schools)
A discussion of the current educational system in Zambia, the limitations and barriers to quality education, and strategies for building teachers of the poorest and neediest Zambian children by utilizing professional learning communities. These principles may be applicable to other Sub-Saharan African countries as well as the United States.

Precious in His Sight: Children of Martyrs (B1)

Tami Yeager (VOM)
Stories of courage and faith.

1:30 – 2:45

Mission with Street-Living and Working Children (B1)

Dr. Greg Burch (LAM)
Street-living and working children are becoming a recognized population in most regions of the world today. This seminar looks to understanding the "street children" phenomenon and how God's people can effectively engage in caring for children who work and, in some cases, live on the street. Best practice approaches are surveyed and presented from a practitioner’s point of view while highlighting both the dangers and joys of such work.

Connecting Two Worlds (B3)

Stan Horrell (Hold the Children/Mission Discovery)
How short-term missions is used by God to meet the needs of children at risk through the hearts and hands of strangers.

Encouraging Ministry to Vulnerable Groups (B4)

Dr. Rosie Roth (SIM)
A discussion on how to encourage and help the indigenous church to see the need of being involved with vulnerable groups in their areas – that it is their responsibility to do so – and to help them in actually getting involved.

Caring for Global Nomads: MK’s and TCK’s (TL 111)

Jeff and Deanna Boesel (OCI)
There is no group of people better prepared to lead the world into the Global Age than Third Culture Kids, including their smaller subset, Missionary Kids. However, the multi-cultural, transient life that has gifted them to do this has also given them some special issues to deal with. If you are a TCK, or you plan on raising TCKs, you should be in this session!

Elementary Student Behavioral Challenges (L101)

Drs. Bob and Machelle Beilke (Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital & Bethel Public Schools)
How do you help the 10% of students who do not respond to traditional classroom management strategies? An overview of common classroom management strategies that are effective with most students, emphasizing interventions designed to address behavioral challenges resistant to traditional classroom strategies.

7:30 – 8:30

Outrageous Grace (JCA)

Grace Fabian (Wycliffe)
Grace Fabian will share the dramatic story of her husband's murder while translating the Nabak New Testament in Papua New Guinea. Also shared will be the greater story of God's redemptive grace and forgiveness through the power of the Holy Spirit and Scripture at work in the Fabian family and Nabak people following that tragic event.

Wednesday February 23

9:30 - 11:00

Plenary Session 2 with Cindy Cunningham

11:30 – 12:45

Restoring Life to Trafficked Children in Portland (B4)

Jim Westfall, Carolyn Quatier, & Christopher Coffman (Door To Grace)
It has become increasingly clear that sex trafficking is not a “foreign issue.” Sexual addiction, internet anonymity, high numbers of homeless youth, high numbers of commercial sex businesses, and high profits have contributed to the commercial exploitation of children in Portland. God is working through His church in Portland that has partnered with Door To Grace to “set the captives free” (Luke 4:18).

Developing City-Wide Strategies for Children at Risk (TL 111)

Dr. Greg Burch (LAM)
Based on actual field research in Cochabamba, Bolivia, new insights in developing city-wide strategies through networks and alliances will be presented. One of the more innovative approaches to developing a city-wide strategy is the Early Encounter methodology that looks to both adults and children as key participants in quality-based care of children at risk today. Both the strengths and weaknesses of this approach will be presented.

African Orphan Rescue Units (B3)

Ryan & Erin Fast (Teen Missions Int’l)
At the heart of this ministry is the goal of reaching out to the orphan and street children of Sub-Saharan Africa with the gospel without "de-Africanizing" them or making them dependent upon foreign missionaries for their livelihood or support. Learn how you can effectively reach out to Africans with the love of Christ by working with the indigenous population that is being trained and used to take the gospel to some of the most remote & needy locations in the world.

Bible Translation Treasures (B1)

Grace Fabian (Wycliffe)
Grace Fabian will share stories and real life experiences based on her many years translating the Nabak New Testament in Papua New Guinea to show the power, impact and urgency of Bible translation in heart language. Ample time will be allowed for students to ask questions and interact with Grace.

Ministry in the Crisis Situation of Southern Sudan (L101)

Dr. Rob Congdon (SIM)
A brief introduction will be given to Sudan historically, politically, and from a mission perspective, then a consideration of the challenges of serving in such a crisis situation.

1:30 – 2:45

Befriending Our Muslim Cousins (TL 111)

Doug & Laura Synder (TEAM)
Laying out an approach to Muslim peoples that grows out of experience and observation, this session will cover issues such as the attitude of the worker, access to closed countries, awareness of what you'll encounter, i.e. "How do I start?" Actualities of God at work will be highlighted.

Counseling Methods for Children of War (B1)

Cindy Cunningham (VOH)
An examination of the use of music, art, and dance to bring healing.

Reaching Children Through Education (B3)

Mike Vinton (VSI)
Village Schools International (VSI) partners with people from small villages in Africa to build high schools and provide education for their children who would not otherwise have an opportunity to go to school. Learn how volunteers from America are trained to live with the Tanzanians in the village, teach their students in the school, and get so involved in their lives that sharing the Gospel is the natural result of loving them.

War’s Impact on the Psyche of Children (L101)

Dr. Congdon (SIM)
A look at the impact of 39 years of war on health, educational, and church-related issues, particularly how it affects the psyche of a people (especially children), and how it might affect short-term vs. long-term mission efforts.

Children and Sex Trafficking in India (B4)

Dr. Rick Calenberg, Steve & Jill Palmer (SIM)
More than 2.3 million women and girls are involved in the sex industry and another 200,000 are trafficked through India. God is using graduates of Multnomah to begin a ministry to rescue these women. Learn more about the problem and this new ministry.

3:00 – 5:00

Stolen Childhoods: Film (L101)

Moderator – Dr. Debi Miller
A feature length documentary featuring stories of child laborers in eight countries around the world, told in their own words: working in dumps, quarries, brick kilns, prostitution, & on fishing platforms and coffee plantations. Stolen Childhoods provides an understanding of the causes of child labor, what it costs the global community, and shows best practice programs that remove children from work and put them in school, so that they have a chance to develop as children and also have a chance of making a reasonable living when they grow up.

Thursday February 24

9:30 - 11:00

Plenary Session 3 with Gary Burch 

11:30 – 12:45

“I Have A Nightmare!” (B4)

Janna Moats (WCAC)
This workshop provides a look at why thousands of children are dying each day while the church has enough money, technology and people to prevent the deaths. What is missing?

Formerly Abducted Children (L101)

Cindy Cunningham (VOH):Solutions and stories of hope.

Serving the Innocent: Living as a modern abolitionist (B1)

Ro Potter (WCAC)
Slavery still exists! But what does it mean to live, work and study in a world where 27 million people, many of them children, are trafficked as slaves? Knowing about a problem is one thing, but knowing what to do about it is another. Learn how to integrate your knowledge about child trafficking into a practical anti-trafficking lifestyle.

The Changing Face of Missions Today (TL 111)

Stan Horrell (Hold the Children/Mission Discovery)
A few years ago the mission field was accessible to a few select people. However, in the last 20 years, there has been an explosion of people responding to the world's needs, especially as it relates to the fatherless worldwide. An exploration of how short-term missions has played a major role in this shift and how God is mobilizing a new generation of people to meet the spiritual, relational and physical needs of the poor.

Holistic Outreach to Traumatized Children in Rwanda (B3)

Fred Katagwa (ANLM)
The gospels present Jesus serving holistically, i.e., in word and deed to women, children, the sick and the demonized. During this session you will hear firsthand how Africa New Life is doing holistic outreach to the traumatized children of Rwanda.

1:30 – 2:45

Theology of Risk and Suffering (B4)

Dr. Rick Calenberg (SIM)
Our post-9/11 world is becoming increasingly unsafe, and security issues are as real at home as on the mission field. As believers, we will face real suffering in the world to which we seek to bring the love, compassion and healing of Jesus. Are we prepared personally, emotionally, and theologically? A discussion of the biblical theology of personal risk and suffering, a critical issue for missionaries today.

A Glimpse Inside North Korea (TL 111)

AJ Elzinga (Persecuted Church)
Peek into the underground church inside of North Korea by looking at some of the testimonies and stories of believers who daily face the most severe persecution in the world.

Children at Risk: A Case Study of India (B3)

Dr. Martin Alphonse (Home of Love)
This workshop will discuss relevant biblical passages on mission to ‘kids at risk,’ and present a case study of a rescue and rehabilitation home for little girls in India.

PANEL: Relief vs. Development (L101)

Dr. Rob Congdon, Cindy Cunningham, Ro Potter, Dr. Rosie Roth, & Fred Katagwa (Moderator: Dr. Jon Robertson)
A brief introduction concerning the importance of helping the poor, as well as considering the basic distinctions between relief and development, avoiding dependency while building independence, and learning how to avoid bringing harm while attempting to help in situations of dire need and poverty.

Ministering to Emotionally Wounded Children (B1)

Ron & Katie Imig (CEF)
Many kids today are victims of violence, pornography, alcohol, drugs, divorce, or homelessness. They know firsthand what it is like to be abused, neglected, rejected, or abandoned and they suffer deep emotional pain. A discussion of the ways to minister to children caught in these situations.

3:00 – 5:00

Born Into Brothels: Film (L101)

Moderator – Karen Fancher
Filmed within the Red Light District of Calcutta, India, this documentary explores the lives of several sons and daughters of prostitutes in the city's brothels. The filmmakers chronicle a special group of children of the prostitutes learning photography. As the kids excel in their new found art, the filmmakers struggle to help them have a chance for a better life away from the miserable poverty that threatens to crush their dreams.


Dr. Greg Burch

Greg W. Burch (Ph.D.) is an alumnus of Multnomah Bible College and has 12 years of experience working in advocacy roles on behalf of children at risk in Latin America.

He lives with his wife and two children in San José, Costa Rica and teaches at the School of Pastoral Studies (ESEPA Seminary) in holistic child development & cross-cultural ministries.

He is author of the book Community Children: A Ministry of Hope and Restoration for the Street Dwelling Child (2005) and other articles. Greg and his family are members of the Latin America Mission.

Cindy Cunningham

Cindy Cunningham (Director and Founder of Village of Hope Uganda) has always been drawn to children and youth, especially those who have come from broken and wounded families. But her real passion was to minister in Africa.

God made that dream come true in 2006 when she was working with an organization called African Leadership And Reconciliation Ministry. During her time in Northern Uganda seeing the horrific conditions of orphans who had been abducted by Rebels and forced to be sex slaves and child soldiers, God broke her heart and changed the direction of her life.

In March of 2007 Cindy started Village of Hope Uganda, a ministry meeting the immediate and long term, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans. They bring the Hope of Christ into a hopeless situation and have seen God do miracles in the lives of these precious children.