2013 Workshops & Speakers

Plenary Descriptions:

Plenary 1: Miriam Adeney

“When You Lose It All”

What happens to a woman when she loses everything? What happens to a man? Where are refugees spread throughout the world today? Were there refugees in Bible times? What did the Bible say to them? Are there “best practices” for helping refugees now? This plenary will focus on how we can be part of the solution.

Plenary 2: Miriam Adeney

“Axis of Evil or Axis of Hope?”

In the global upheavals of our time, what are God’s purposes? When the nations come to our neighborhoods in the form of refugees, what should we do? Stories, strategies and Scripture will lead us forward.

Plenary 3: Camille Melki

“Welcome Home!”

A fresh Biblical reflection on the refugee crisis, inviting the forcibly displaced communities to the family of God!

Workshop Descriptions

Bas Vanderzalm

Global Health Ministry to Refugees. // In this session, we’ll look at how Medical Teams International addresses the health needs of refugees in Uganda, Somalia and elsewhere to learn how God can use a medical ministry to transform the lives of refugees around the world.

Bill and Marty Sturdivant

BREAKTHROUGH // Bill & Marty have had the privilege of working – on and off – with refugees for over the past 30 years. Refugees are by far the most open and receptive people on the face of the earth to the Gospel. What are refugees like? What do they need? How can we best serve them (holistically) and bring glory to God? Come hear Bill and Marty share compelling stories of BREAKTHROUGH and transformation in the lives of broken and hurting refugees.

Camille Melki

Leading a Holistic Refugee Ministry // How to lead a well-rounded refugee ministry – caring for the entire family – emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Christina Burch

Third Culture Kids (TCK) // In this workshop we will dig deeper into another culture, a Third Culture. How do we define TCK? Who are the TCKs around the world, and right here in our neighborhood? What are their unique strengths and challenges? How can we best minister to them as missionaries, psychologists, youth pastors, social workers, teachers? If you are a TCK, or have a heart for working with TCKs, this workshop is for you.

Colleen Milstein

  • (1) Justice in the 21st Century: is the Bible relevant // We hear a lot of talk on justice issues – trafficking, immigration. We see action – Brangelina, Bono. But does the Bible give us a framework for addressing societal issues beyond knowing that God cares? What does doing Justice for the citizen, refugee and immigrant look like – Micah 6:8?
  • (2) Biblical Basis for Grassroots Engagement – Immigrants // Is Immigration a new issue or an age old dilemma? In this workshop we will look at biblical perspectives for integration of the refugee and immigrant – what does the Bible say to them, how does God view them, how are we expected to live, how does this relate to current policies for our nations)

Doug Hazen

Spiritual Health When Everything is Broken // What happens when your ministry turns traumatic? How do you deal with evil, with oppression, with disease, with death, with abuse? More importantly, what happens when it affects your own faith? Is God always good? Interact with a guy who has been there and learn key principles for spiritual vitality when refugee work (or whatever!) gets overwhelming.

Douglas and Karen Johnston

Raising Up the Nations // The call to preach the Gospel is for all peoples and part of the challenge in this new century is to mobilize the next generation of missionaries from people groups that have traditionally received missionaries instead of sent them out. We would like to discuss some of the challenges we have faced and solutions we have encountered in areas such as financial support and dependency, worldview, education, racial prejudice, communication and multinational team dynamics.

Dr. G

Putting the Local Church back into Global Sending // Some churches are very active and support 20 or 30 missionaries and know none of them. Missionaries often have ten churches and 40 individuals supporting them leaving the local church on the sidelines. The end result is that the mission agency becomes the sending agency because the local church cannot. Maybe we can reverse this direction.

Dwight Ekholm

Spiritual multiplication on the refugee highway: training Christian leaders for refugee communities // I would like to speak briefly about the Biblical basis of spiritual multiplication, discuss the challenges and particular factors involved in ministering to refugees, give some personal examples and get students involved in discussing a couple of current, real-life refugee training projects.

Janna Moats

Children at Risk - A Framework for Action // Through YouTube, TV news, photographs, Facebook, books and magazines we are more aware than ever before of the many issues of injustice and vulnerability that afflict children throughout the world But, our awareness is not enough to make a difference. In this workshop we will explore God's intentions for a child's life and how the Body of Christ can be part of bringing those intentions into reality.

Karin Benningfield

Short-term Missions…do they miss the mark? // Today there is scarcely a missions organization that does not offer some kind of short-term service, but are they profitable or problematic? Do they glorify God and give us a new perspective on the world or are they expensive vacations that help just us “see” the world? We will address both from a realistic and honest perspective.

Karen Fancher


Larry Sharp

Using a Professional Skill to Reach the Nations // Jesus never called people to be “missionaries”. But he did say to all believers, “be my witnesses … to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Today more than 2/3 of all people live in countries that do not grant a missionary visa. No problem! The best way for people in these countries to hear of Jesus and come to follow him is for passionate disciple-making believers to take their skill, profession or trade and live out the gospel in everyday life – to be witnesses! Opportunities soon follow this incarnational strategy to proclaim the good news. Come to this seminar and learn how God may want to use your “wiring” to reach someone who has never heard of Jesus.

Lisa Kelly and Baher Butti

"You Shall Not Show Partiality" - How do we welcome our refugee neighbor? A testimony from both sides." // God tells us to not show partiality to the sojourners, the strangers, the refugees in our land, but how do we do that? Lisa Kelly, the director of Better Life - USA along with Dr. Baher Butti, the director of the Iraqi Society of Oregon and a refugee himself, will discuss their experience and journey in welcoming neighbors from other cultures, traditions, and religious backgrounds into our communities.

Marshall Snider

Oh God, You know...

Mark and Barbara Robinson

Ministry to inmates in a Jail setting // Crisis is one of the ways God softens hard hearts and tough people. We will share our personal experiences of weekly ministry to inmates in the county jail. The seminar will include testimonies of inmates and the power of God´s Word to change lives. We will discuss how to approach and listen to those in jail, how to present the gospel, comfort and give hope and disciple in a jail setting. We will include general principles of working with inmates and specific suggestions on how to become involved.

Speaker X

Living Radically With Refugees // Loving the Messiah by loving refugees!!

Mike Hogan

Global Church Mobilization // God is passionate about justice. And God’s plan for ending injustice is through the Church, His people, courageously bringing His love and light to those suffering from the darkest forms of violence, oppression and injustice. IJM is on the front-lines of liberating people from the injustices of slavery, sex trafficking, property grabbing, and many other forms of violent oppression. And IJM is passionate about mobilizing the global Church to live out its calling of doing justice. This seminar will focus more on what IJM is doing in the world to mobilize churches and how you and your church can get involved in doing justice in your community and with IJM.

Milan Homola and Dan Johnson

Refugees Across the Street: Local Apartment Missions // Come and hear stories and practical advice from Compassion Connect’s Apartment Complex Initiative team. There has been a collaborative presence at Barberry Village apartments in Rockwood, OR since 2008. They have seen a lot of God’s hand working amongst refugees from all over the world. They will share stories about their faith, their practice, and their hope. They will also share about the philosophy of ministry that they work from. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired by local Portland missionaries.

Norm and Muriel Cook

Keeping Fresh in Ministry and Marriage // Our motto after 62 years of ministry is “We have only just begun!”. Come and learn some life principles that continue to wake us up eager to face the challenges of each day.

Paul and Jean Goodner

Children in Crisis: A Worldwide Epidemic // Millions of children, which include, street kids, orphans and refugees are struggling to just survive, longing for food, shelter, education, caring friends, family and a loving God. ACTION missionaries are working around the world in dark places to bring to these kinds of people the love of Christ and relieve some of these problems.

Paul Lehmann

A holistic ministry to refugees: the joys and challenges. // Many refugees leave their home country with practically nothing so their needs are great. Therefore, it is necessary to help them holistically (physically as well as spiritually). As a result, they are often more responsive to the gospel than those in their homeland, but this responsiveness comes with its own set of challenges.

Dr. Paul Louis Metzger and Friends at New Wine

"From Refugees to Citizens: What's Next--Mosques and Temples?" // What kind of response should American Evangelicals have toward those from other religions who are moving from refugee to immigrant to citizenship status in our country? Christians tend to be more sympathetic to those from other religions who are refugees in need of help, but we often become wary once they are viewed as immigrants on their way to citizenship. What happens when Muslim immigrants start building mosques and Hindus and Buddhists start building temples? Should we support them then? This seminar looks at this issue and will consider how to incorporate the biblical themes of neighborliness and care for the stranger in our midst as part of our evangelical witness. Attention will also be given to the theme of freedom of religious expression in our country.

Roger Trautmann

Go Glocal! // We will take a trip through scripture to see God’s view of going “Glocal”. We will discover why we “go glocal.” We will discuss the ramifications in the 21st Century. This workshop will be a discussion format.

Ron Holcomb

Compassion and Communication // You can’t love a “glump” of refugees; you have to know their stories, and open your heart to them. And you can’t just talk at people and hope they get the idea; you have to patiently learn how other cultures think and communicate. Ron has found that compassion and communication are two big pieces in ministering holistically with Portland’s refugees. He and his friends will share stories about those coming to Portland to find refuge. Ron’s ministry passion is communication, so he will also challenge you to work at “shared meaning” with your refugee friends. Compassion and Communication—they must be taken seriously. Jesus was a master at both, and he’s calling us to follow him in serving Portland’s multi-cultural mosaic.

Tom and Bonnie Kopp

Visible Made Invisible & Invisible Made Visible // Do we see ourselves primarily as human beings having a spiritual experience or as spiritual beings having a human experience? Our Lord often implored people to have ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear.’ Why? We will be sharing personal experiences from Africa and Asia that have given insight into what the Lord desires for us.

Zach Gillock

Mission in the Midst of Poverty // What is “POVERTY”? What is our “MISSION”? How is our “MISSION” lived out in the midst of “POVERTY?” During this session, we will discuss these two questions, seeking a holistic Biblical understanding of what these terms mean from a Christian Worldview. And then, we will look at how San Francisco City Impact, with its various ministries, lives out this MISSION in the Tenderloin district, one of the most POVERTY stricken districts in all of San Francisco.