2014 Workshops & Speakers

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Alpha Hayward and Jeff Pieper

Urban Missions: Your back yard…

Relational and practical ways to get involve in your community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Being the Gospel and preaching the Gospel work together while serving your community. Local Pastor and Evangelist Alpha Hayward leads his church in collaborating with other community focused organizations. Together they serve the under-resourced and hurting in the neighborhoods around their church through practical needs such as food, clothing and more at events like their Back to School Bash, Day in the Park, free community Easter Egg hunt and BBQ.

Unity is NOT Uniformity: Servant Leadership in Collaborative Missions

True collaboration with others, whether locally and around the world, requires servant leaders to put a towel over their arm and seek to serve others within the cultural context they are in. Developing unity within a shared vision furthers people’s calling, improves the current situation and  accomplishing your purpose. We’ll discuss and learn together how this is developing in here in Portland and around the world.

A.J. Swoboda:

"Jesus in Portlandia: Gospel Witness in a Pluralistic, Cynical City."

This talk will discuss the nature of faithful witness in post-Christian cities like Portland by interweaving the theologies of various missiologists with the biblical call to witness. 

Brian Sakultarawattn:

Justice Beyond Circumstance

Description: At the age of 19, Brian Sakultarawattn suffered full thickness (3rd degree) burns on 97% of his body in a work related accident. Although he survived against the odds; the burn left him blind, and with multiple amputations. All this took place while engaged to his fiancée Haley. Brian’s message is of commitment, hope, and God’s faithfulness in the midst of challenges; and how hope is realized when we look beyond our own circumstances and see God's justice.

Cristina Voskian:

Inside Iran: Closed Land With An Open Heart

I am going to share about how the church is growing in Iran and about the persecution inside the country. Today, Iranians are the Muslim people group that is the most open to the Gospel. I am going to share why Iranians are so open to Christ, and what makes them change--how they are coming to Christ and how they are strong despite persecution.

Curt Bickley:

Organization of Effective Sports Missions Trips


Doug Hazen and Adrienne Livingston:

Engaging Brokenness In Us and Through Us

Whether broken by injustice or engaging in broken lives, you will hear principles and stories from two people whose lives have been uniquely shaped by injustice. Doug Hazen was a missionary in Congo, East Africa when the Rwanda genocide changed his life forever. Adrienne Livingston has had a passion to battle sex trafficking and now is developing WorldVenture’s strategy for addressing this horrific issue. Come and expect to be challenged.

Dwight Ekholm:

Raising Support: Hurdle, Hassle, or Blessing in Disguise?


Gary Tribbett:

Can the Church Curb Human Trafficking?

Does the church have significant enough impact in our culture and in our city to curb the rising problem of Human Trafficking?  This workshop  will consider eco systems leading to the exploitation of children in twenty-first century slavery.  The sex industry has become one of the vilest offenders of human beings ever seen in the history of our country.  What role can the church play?  What does God expect from his church in a culture that permits teenage boys and girls to be sold as sex slaves?

Dr. Michael Gurney:

Seeking Shalom: What is Social Justice?

While many talk about social justice, few explain what social justice is. We will examine the concept of justice and its corollary social justice from a biblical and ethical perspective and consider some of the practical and social implications.

Janna Moats:

Children at Risk: A Framework for Action

Nelson Mandela said, "There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." Almost 27% percent of the world's population is under 15 years old. But children are threatened globally. They are targeted in the Syrian conflict, dying of preventable diseases and being trafficked. In this workshop we will look at God's heart for children, what did He intend for children and how we can engage to change their future. 

Jake Schwein:

Worship + Justice = Redeeming the Worship of God’s People


May Justice Reign: Four Tenets of Everyday Justice


Jeff Boesel:

Why I'm High on Gen Y

The reasons this generation is uniquely designed and gifted by God to carry the torch forward in God's global effort. After raising four millennials and working with them in the area of mission mobilization for 12 years, I am convinced that they are exactly who they need to be to take the effort to the next level.

Jerry Crosby:

Finding your “Sweet Spot” in Missions

Opportunities in ministry abound, but how do you determine what organization, what location, or what task will allow you to maximize your ministry effectiveness? It starts with an understanding of your passions and your aptitudes… opportunities will follow.

Jim Ardill:

"How to Engage the Poor Without Anybody Getting Hurt."

We begin by taking a practical look into poverty, the negative effect of well intentioned mission outreach to the poor and ask the questions; “What went wrong?”  And “How can we improve on our work with the poor?”  “What we did on our last visit hasn’t changed anything or anyone?” and “How do you help the poor without hurting them or yourself?” Next, we set the foundation by describing the nature of man’s relationship to God, society and the world; to reveal the wholistic nature comprised of four main parts: spiritual, social, economic and political.  The premise is that God is in the redeeming business in all of these areas in all of us. The second foundational principal is a discussion and clarification of the differences between relief, rehabilitation and development.  Followed up with a deeper look at the church’s response to poverty around her and around the world.  We discuss the implications of misdiagnosis and the inevitable mistreatment of the world’s poor. We then set out to apply these principles to both short and long term ministry locally and in overseas communities.

Jim Morud:

Empower Your Pen – Crafting Letters that Heal and Bless


Joel Vermillion:

Outdoor Ministry & Global Missions

Church leaders around the world are realizing that outdoor adventure is a vehicle God is using to transform lives.  Learn Biblical principles of outdoor ministry, and how it is specifically well suited for reaching youth in todays world.  

Krista Mikalatos:

The Heart of Serving: Greater Compassion Through Deeper Understanding


Dr. Larry Burke:

That They Might See Him For Who He is: Community, Shame, and Purity and Fruitful Practices


Larry Sharp:

Practical Solutions to Injustice, Poverty and Unemployment – Job Creation (What Jesus Would Do?)

This workshop will provide a quick review of our world today, particularly in the 10/40 window, and then focus on practical ways that North American believers can integrate the Great Commandment to love our neighbor together with the Great Commission to make followers of Jesus.  In these regions, a holistic gospel approach demands a recognition of their social condition in bringing our gospel response.

Business as Mission – What is it and Why is it Important for Everyone to Understand?

This workshop is based on the social reality that ‘missionaries’ cannot go to two thirds of the world today; and that the whole body of Christ is responsible to obey the Great Commission. Business as Mission is something every pastor, youth worker, believer in the marketplace – indeed all of us – need to understand. We will define what this is and give case studies of how it works and impacts all of us.  Plenty of time for discussion will be included.

Mark Schauffer:

Make sure you’re making disciples!

Description: There many mission expressions but at some point they must include or set the stage for making disciples of all nations.  Without discipleship the nations are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and continue the issues that break God’s heart.  Learn what that takes and the process you need to be a part of.

Matt Wood & Hanna Lederer:

Justice & Human Trafficking : How can you affect change?

Portland is often spoken of as a hotspot for trafficking, with many reports and convictions in local media. We hear stories from near and far about the horrors of people who are caught up in trafficking.  What is this trafficking all about and is there a solution? Where is the justice? What change can you make? Join us to learn together on how to affect change here and abroad. (Special focus on trafficking in Europe)

Dr. Paul Metzger:

Saving the World: How the West Was Lost, and How to Regain It

Central to America’s “winning the west” was killing the Indian to save the soul. But whose soul was saved and what was lost then and now? It is vitally important that we Christians celebrate Jesus’ victorious identification with victimized people if we are to reach our post-Christendom culture today.

Paul Johnson:

How Can I Know if God is ‘Calling’ Me to Cross-Cultural Ministry?

This seminar examines the popular idea that a mysterious or special “call” from God is required to determine His will regarding cross-cultural service. Biblical and practical information will be presented to help a person discover how the Lord leads obedient believers to pursue and prioritize cross-cultural ministry opportunities.

Portia Manjengwa & Josiah Dasher:

The Power of Women's Narratives

We often hear of the not so positive reality in the lives of vulnerable women in the majority world. What we don't often hear are the stories of real change coming because of the actions of these women. Join us to discuss and examine what is becoming possible through women centered justice initiatives that are transforming communities.

Rick Bravine:

Music: Changing Hearts For God . . . in Europe

“Music doesn’t just touch our emotions—it is emotion!” So said a good friend and talented musician. Then I went to France and heard the phrase, “Everything begins and ends with a song.” It was another reminder of the importance of music. And God reminds us of music’s importance when we realize that the Psalms were originally sung! Does our Lord want us to use this gift of music to proclaim His reality to the world today? Can He use us and music to make a difference in a life? I will share personal stories of how the Lord has and is using music to touch and change lives in Europe, together with live and recorded music. And you—the participants in this workshop/seminar session—you will be invited to learn and sing a chorus in French! This will be an interactive presentation.

Urban Evangelism: Reaching the Cities of Europe

Is God making a difference in today’s Europe? Among Europeans and Immigrant People Groups? Is “THE CHURCH” relevant anymore? Should we care? Come. Find out. Using video clips, we will see and hear Europeans tell us what they believe about God and the Church. Then we will explore ways to reach them in their post-modern, post-Christian world. We will also view video clips of student teams interacting with the Roma people in Paris, prayer walking in London and baptisms in Germany. This will be an interactive session.

Rick & Haley Baker:

What is the role of business as missions in economic justice?

In a time of economic instability all over the world, what does sustainability look like for modern day missionaries? Business as missions is an old concept, but a new movement for missionaries all over the world who want to be part of bringing economic justice to impoverished and hurting communities. What does the Bible say about using our time, talent and resources to minister to the poor? What does economic justice look like instead of toxic charity? This workshop will explore the viability of business as missions (BAM) and how economic uplift can be an avenue for social change and sharing the gospel.

Rob & Jodi Herman:

TESOL as Mission

Many nations of the world are considered restricted access areas in which missionary and religious worker visas are not granted. More and more missionaries are entering these nations as professionals and using their work as a vehicle to live out their faith in places that they would otherwise not be able to go. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is one of many creative accesses that allows missionaries to live, work and serve in these restricted access countries. We will be exploring good and bad ways TESOL can be used as mission.


Benefits of Short Term Missions

So often we heard of the difficulties of short term missions: unproductive, expensive, sickness, travel nightmares etc.  Come hear about the benefits of short term missions and how trips can be planned well with intentional training and debriefing.


Traditional Dances from Asia

Going to a new country or a new city is only the beginning of missions. Once you get there, how do you find people to interact with? Come hear about one missionary's experience of joining in local customs as a way of meeting people. It will be very interactive! Be ready to move around and have fun!!

Steve Vinton:

Educational Justice in Rural Africa

Drawing upon their personal experiences serving for a year in small villages in Tanzania with Village Schools International, Laura Gotthard and Vanessa King will discuss how the Church can respond to the greatest felt need of the rural poor -- education for their children -- and thereby get missionaries into villages where missionaries have never lived before

Tony Kriz:

Missions as Co-Participation

Pulling from his experiences across the globe, living with Muslims and experiencing diverse cultures, and considering his community's life today in one of Portland's most post-Christian neighborhoods, Tony will share perspectives on a non-hierarchical view of life as mission.

Vanessa King and Laura Gotthardt:

Sharing the Gospel Through Education

Getting an education opens doors, and not getting education closes them -- which is why the poor in Africa will go to great sacrifice to try to get education for their children.  Steve Vinton will build upon his experience living with the poor in villages in Africa to discuss effective and ineffective ways Christians can try to seek educational justice for the poor.