Multnomah University


Connecting Cross Culturally- Mark Schaufler MST Ministries

There are some basic ways to connect with people that become the basis for an opportunity to minister to them. From tribal people to the richest first world cities we have common issues that build a bridge to the Gospel.


Discipling Youth: Understanding Challenges and Strategies for Working with Kids-David Jones Crossworld

We will talk about the unique challenges and strategies for working with kids these days. We will look at current trends in the world and how they affect young people and will discuss tools we can use to be effective in our efforts to impact youth with the Gospel message.


Exploring Storytelling & Dialogue-Regina Manley MAF

We will discuss the Biblical precedent of using story, questions and dialogue as we engage both oral and literate learners. We will also take part our own storytelling and discussion session in order to experience the unique dynamics which storytelling offers.


Welfare Faith: For the Least of Us-Kyle Raney TEAM

Government assistance or "welfare" continues to be a polarizing issue in our nation. There are numerous negative stereotypes portrayed for those who are on government assistance which can often create a disconnect between Christians and those who are economically disadvantaged. Church planter and missionary coach Kyle Raney unpacks his story of how his family spent a season on welfare when he was unable to find work and how it completely changed how he saw "the least of these." In this workshop Kyle unpacks how all of us are impoverished by sin and yet God sought our welfare through Christ, which then frees us to seek the welfare of others.


Launching Organic Missional Disciple-Making Movements-Ahshuwa Hawthorne The Keystone Project

Learn the basic elements and visionary core values necessary for launching a disciple-making movement. Learn how you can help to launch a movement among unreached peoples right here in Portland.


Reaching the Stranger Next Door: Refugees in America-Anthony Hawthorn The Keystone Project

Learn about the thousands of refugees who have been relocated to Portland, OR. and how you can join a new generation of Christ followers who are doing radical pioneer mission work right in our backyard.


Reach Local Idea Lab: A Theology of Mission-David Fuller and Ben Bobeda InFaith

To ‘reach local’ is to have a gospel influence on a particular area or region. Whether God is calling you overseas or across the street, we believe God has given you great ideas for ministry. Come to this interactive workshop to share your ideas about what it might mean for you to reach local. We will spend time making creative representations of how we envision God leading us to participate in His mission. Get ready to collaborate and share with others. This will be an interactive session, so leave your notebook at home and bring a sketchpad instead!


HOOPS FOR JESUS: Does it work?-Rick Bravine GEM

We will share stories of how the Lord used Multnomah's Sports Ambassadors Basketball Team to reach the hearts of the French and Romanian people, which resulted in new churches.


Child in the Middle-Hanna Lederer Loom International

We will discuss how God uses children to write his own story with the example of the 'Celebrating Children Workshop'.


Life of Impact-Emily Branch Youth Missions International

As we look at the life of Christ we see a story of a man who made an impact which far surpasses what we could accomplish. However, now that we have Christ we are given a life of impact through Him. So what does this look like as we live our lives today? In the United States? In the world? Let's unpack the Great Commission as we discover the life of impact we have been given in Christ as we live our lives in the here and now.


Finding Your Ministry Sweet Spot-Jerry Crosby InterAct Ministries

Opportunities in ministry abound, but how do you determine what organization, what location, or what task will allow you to maximize your ministry effectiveness? It starts with an understanding of your passions and your aptitudes… opportunities will follow.


The Power of Crafting Narratives -Frederick Katherine Loom International


How Stories and Mobile Phones Can Be the Answer for Isolated Low-Literacy Pastors-Brian Ward MAF

Come explore together how indigenous low-literacy pastors learn. See examples of biblical training that are culturally appropriate and developed for low literacy. Learn new instructional strategies for teaching in these environments and work with the workshop leader and other participants on new versions of your own training.


The Challenges of Storying, and What to Teach First (and Last)-Mike Klontz New Tribes Mission

Teaching God's Word to oral learners has impacted entire people groups. But it can also pose challenges as we grapple with illiteracy and the potential for syncretism. Where should you begin, and how can we make our efforts best count for eternity?


The Art of Listening-Marti Wade Pioneers

Harness tools and insights from the world of anthropology to build cross-cultural bridges. Explore how to effectively take on the role of a learner as you dive into a new culture, becoming part of the community through participating, asking good questions and carefully listening to people's stories.


Using Soccer in Missions-Troy Ready Frontiers

Explore how you can use your passion for soccer and sports in general as a platform to exalt Jesus and build relationships in limited access countries. Come hear a former professional soccer player share his own story about how the Lord opened this door.


When Your Ministry Falls Apart: Stress, Failure, Depression & God’s Goodness-Thomas Slawson InterAct

Most Christians who commit their lives to full-time ministry envision themselves pursuing a call to a specific mission field or church long-term. While many are able to succeed in fulfilling this call, there are others who encounter obstacles and circumstances and suddenly find their dreams of ministry gone. The fallout from "losing" a ministry can lead to many struggles such as stress, depression, financial hardship, and even health problems. We will explore several paths to healing from the wounds of "losing" a ministry. 


Theological Education and Global Missions: Different or Complimentary?-Josh Montague Training Leaders International

Curious about the connection between theological education and global missions? Come hear the story of how solid, biblical education fuels sustainable church planting and provides an answer to the lack of trained, theologically-oriented leaders in a hungry world.


Storytelling through Narrative Therapy-Dr. David Manock

The Gospel is God’s story to us, inviting all people for all times for a single destiny in the consummation of the ages.  From neurobiology and neuropsychology we know that humans are hard wired for relationships and making and telling stories which organizes our subjective personal lives. All psychological problems reflect a breakdown of these stories stuck in rigidity or chaos.