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Finish your degree and follow your calling

Completing your degree has never been more convenient and accessible. With programs designed to equip you for success in the workplace or traditional ministry, an education from Multnomah University will be rewarding, applicable and transformational!

Our expert and caring faculty will challenge and engage you. Your classmates will help you grow as a professional. And you'll emerge as a skilled communicator and leader in a field you're passionate about.

No matter which degree you pursue, you'll gain the experience and biblical wisdom you need to serve Jesus with your career in traditional ministry or the workplace.


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Completing your degree at Multnomah University means:

  • Earning your degree in less time
  • Focusing on only one course at a time
  • Earning credit for the learning you've gained from life experience
  • Receiving excellent instruction in small class settings from faculty who understand adult learners
  • Learning through a curriculum that's been designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the workplace 


Applied Psychology (Online)

A degree in Applied Psychology will prepare you with the knowledge you need to help individuals and organizations solve critical problems. Expect a practical rather than theoretical approach to psychology that will equip you to apply psychological concepts to everyday issues. 

Biblical Studies

Get ready to immerse yourself in theology and God's Word as you learn to integrate His truth with contemporary life and thought. This program is designed to prepare you to work in a church or a parachurch organization, attend seminary, or simply live a life more fully grounded in Scripture.

Business Management (Online)

Learn the essential aspects of business — leadership, organizational behavior, human resource management, finance and marketing — while becoming deeply rooted in Scripture. The result: You'll emerge with a highly developed skill set that will set you apart as a redeeming presence in any workplace.

Leadership & Ministry

This major will prepare you for a career in service to a church or parachurch organization by teaching you the principles of ministry leadership. You'll also grow in your knowledge of the Bible and the relational skills necessary to lead organizations.

Management & Ethics

Enhance your management skills, professional competencies and ethical sensitivity as you prepare for leadership in the marketplace. Biblical principles are infused into each course so you’re equipped to be a catalyst for integrity and respect.