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Degree Completion

Mitch Priestly

"I think the best part (of the Degree Completion Program) is that it doesn’t close any doors. It is a real-world education that gives you a full bachelor’s degree in precisely half of the class hours of a traditional program."
Mitch Priestley (Lake Oswego, Oregon) read the full story


A commitment to quality

You're not looking for mediocre, nor are we; we believe that excellence characterizes life with God. At Multnomah, you can complete your bachelor's degree in a highly focused academic setting by attending one class per week. Our expert faculty will engage you. Your classmates will help you grow as a professional. And you'll emerge as a skilled communicator and leader in a field you're passionate about.

A rock-solid foundation

Your future depends on the strength and breadth of your foundation. As a distinct voice in the world of biblical higher education for more than 75 years, Multnomah is a proven foundation builder. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the spiritual depth and practical knowledge you need to excel in your career. Your future will be filled with open doors.

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Degree programs


Think brilliantly

At Multnomah, you’ll learn in cohorts with other professionals, writing essays and sharing brilliant ideas. You’ll also experience the close relationships and accessible faculty of a residential college. When you combine those elements with the top-tier academics of an established university, you get an education that’s personal, engaging and relevant.

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Our cohort model fosters enduring relationships. Rather than flying solo, you’ll enter a tight-knit collective of learners who are strengthening not only their personal lives, but also those around them. You’ll glean the benefits of biblical study and interpretation in an iron-sharpening-iron context. And you’ll learn priceless life lessons from professionals in the workplace.

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Visit us

Take a closer look

A campus visit will give you a sense of clarity. Meet with an admissions counselor, peek into a class and talk to students about their experiences at MU. And while you’re here, explore our award-winning grounds and check out the library, study spaces, coffee shop and bookstore. You’ll discover an ideal learning environment that will nurture your mind and spirit.

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Apply Now

Get started

We know that your options are wide-ranging, and the decisions can be overwhelming. Applying to Multnomah University moves you out of the tension and into the adventure of exploration. The application process will provide concrete considerations for you and your family to discuss. You’re going to love it when the doors begin to open.