Dr. John G. Mitchell

“Don’t you folks ever read your Bibles?”

Multnomah Vice President 1936-1990, Chairman of Board of Trustees 1949-1987

Dr. Mitchell called for and presided over the meeting on February 14, 1936, with the four ministers and six businessmen that founded Multnomah School of the Bible. He desired to start a Bible school in the Northwest that taught the “distinctive doctrines of grace.” Dr. Mitchell was well loved and remembered for his dry sense of humor, Scottish brogue and an amazing ability to quote Scripture from memory. Dr. Mitchell served as Multnomah’s Vice President until his death in 1990 at the age of 97.

  • Co-founded Multnomah School of the Bible (1936)
  • Pastored Central Bible Church (1931-1967)
  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees (1949-1987)
  • Developed a radio Bible-teaching ministry, “Know Your Bible Hour” (1958-1995)