Dr. Willard M. Aldrich

“If it’s Bible you want, then you want Multnomah!”

Multnomah President 1943-1978

With Dr. Sutcliffe and Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Aldrich founded Multnomah School of the Bible and served as its first registrar. During Multnomah’s first year, he became engaged to the dean of women, Doris Coffin. He pastored Emmanuel Baptist Church in Vancouver, Wash. In 1940, Dr. Aldrich resigned from faculty and was absent from Multnomah for two years. He returned as an instructor in 1942 and became president in 1943 at Dr. Sutcliffe’s retirement. After Doris died, he married Multnomah alumna Mildred “Mimi” Boukaert in 1959. Dr. Aldrich and Mimi were married 47 years until her death in 2006. Dr. Aldrich served as Multnomah’s president until 1978. He subsequently served on the board of trustees until his retirement in 2004 and was an Honorary Life Member. Dr. Aldrich died from natural causes on Nov. 26, 2009. He was 100 years old.

  • One-year Bible certificate initiated (1947)
  • Multnomah moved to new campus, formerly Oregon School for the Blind (1952)
  • Lytle Gymnasium constructed (1973)
  • A-Frame constructed (1974)