Q: Why do scholarships matter?

Scholarships help to draw students to Multnomah who might otherwise have been unable to attend. They also let students spend less time working; effectively allowing them more time to take advantage of the opportunities for spiritual development that Multnomah has to offer. It’s students like these who take a Multnomah education and make a world of difference.

Q: What are the rewards of being a scholarship donor?

There are many reasons why scholarships make sense. There is great joy in facilitating the education of another person, Multnomah grows as our programs become more accessible to prospective students, and there can be significant tax savings for the donor.

Q: What kinds of scholarships can be created?

Generally there are two types of scholarships:

  • Scholarships (non-endowed) draw upon the principal gift(s) until they are expended. These scholarships may be created at Multnomah with a minimum gift of $5,000.
  • Endowed Scholarships are a lasting tribute to a loved one or to the memory of a family. The principal gift(s) are invested and only the interest is used to fund scholarship distributions. Endowed Scholarships may be started at Multnomah with a minimum gift of $50,000.

Q: How can I fund a scholarship?

Gifts of Stock, cash, tangible property such as real estate or gold can all be useful in funding scholarships.

For more information about starting your Multnomah scholarship, please contact:

John Zareva
Executive Director of Advancement
503.251.6464 | 800.352.4253