Why I give to Multnomah

Whenever you share your resources with MU, you become an integral part of the Multnomah family and join the university’s rich tradition of giving. Our MU givers have helped thousands of students afford a Multnomah education. Those students are now business owners, pastors, doctors, advocates, writers and more — and they’re serving Jesus with their careers every day. 

Here, some of our Multnomah givers share the purpose behind their generosity.


  • “I give to MU because MU gave so much to me!”

    Adrienne Fajen, Class of ’90

  • “I give to Multnomah because I want to make a difference for eternity. I know that Multnomah is educating and training the next generation of world changers to impact their spheres of influence for Jesus Christ.”

    Reid Saunders, Class of ’02

  • “I give because I KNOW the money will be faithfully used to have a Kingdom impact. God used Multnomah to grow and change me, so I know He will continue His work in the lives of those He brings there to grow Heaven and shrink Hell.”

    Kathy Dunbar, Class of ’98

  • “As a Christian businessman, I know of no better environment than Multnomah for God to plant in the hearts and minds of Christian young people a passion to be ambassadors for Christ in a secular world. So I give — to God, to Multnomah, to students — with the prayer that Jesus will change a life, and that that life will change a world.”

    Neil Johnson, Class of ’63

  • “As newlyweds, my husband and I started a family tradition of giving a “birthday present to Jesus” during Christmas time. A few times, this gift was in the form of a contribution to Multnomah. Our continuing gifts over the years have been from the heart. They are an expression of gratitude for the foundation for life I received as a Multnomah student.”

    Gail Lundquist, Class of ’85

  • “Since I have received so much from Multnomah, I can do no less than give back in time, money and prayer.”

    Emi Koe, Class of ’62