Diane Moore

"If you want to get good grades in your classes at Multnomah, you have to be able to demonstrate how your conclusions bounce against the Word of God. This makes Multnomah so unique."
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An empowering environment

Our students and alumni are changing lives around the globe, and so can you. Get started by enrolling in the Master of Arts program that aligns with your goals. You’ll work closely with professors who sharpen your intellect and give you abundant opportunities to grow professionally. And you’ll be guided by God’s Word every step of the way.

A Framework For Your Life

At Multnomah, we’ve designed our programs for the working professional. That means you can pursue your degree in the afternoon and evening. As you further your studies, you’ll discover the power of a curriculum with a robust biblical and theological framework – and you’ll emerge with a spiritual intelligence that sets you apart as a redeeming presence in any workplace.

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Degree Programs


Tap into our expertise

The exceptional nature of our curriculum is matched by the quality of our faculty. You’ll learn from a team of superb scholars and practitioners who will teach you to wisely glean from the abstractions of academia so you can apply concrete, biblical principles to your professional life. And long after you’ve graduated, your professors will remain close friends and colleagues.

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Tap into our spirit

When you set foot on campus, you’ll enter a diverse collective of learners who are in step with Jesus and moving to the next level of their careers. You’ll share powerful ideas with your classmates. You’ll build relationships that last. And you’ll find out why commuters and campus residents alike tout our community as an active source of motivation and support.

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Visit us

Take a closer look

A campus visit will delete many question marks. Meet with an admissions counselor, sit in on a class and talk to our students. While you’re here, explore our award-winning grounds and check out the library, study spaces, coffee shop and bookstore. You’ll discover an environment that will nurture your mind and spirit as you take on the challenge of master’s work.

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Apply Now

Get started

We understand that your options are abundant, and a decision like this can be overwhelming. Applying to Multnomah University moves you out of the tension and into the adventure of exploration. The application process will provide concrete considerations for you and your family to discuss. When you start to see those doors opening, you’ll feel renewed.