Reno Tahoe

Multnomah Reno-Tahoe is a fully-equipped teaching site, offering quality accredited Undergraduate and Seminary courses in Nevada at its Reno-Tahoe campus.

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Students can complete their four-year Bible and Theology degree at the Reno-Tahoe site. The curriculum is identical to the coursework offered at the Portland campus.


Students are able to complete the M.Div. and MA degrees without moving to Portland. They can complete half of their courses in Reno through two-way interactive videoconferencing courses and courses taught by qualified local adjunct faculty, and half either through online courses or in Portland (usually through one- and two-week intensive courses during Jan Term and Summer School).

Graduate School

Multnomah University offers a Part-time Master of Arts degree in Global Development and Justice in Reno-Tahoe which equips students with practical skills in the areas of compassion initiatives, poverty alleviation, and combating injustices with an emphasis on biblical insights and best practices in the field of global development and justice studies.


Multnomah Reno-Tahoe faculty are qualified to teach both at the undergraduate and graduate levels; faculty teaching these courses must meet the same qualifications as faculty at the Portland campus. Here are some of our local instructors:

  • Brent Brooks
  • Steve Bond
  • Tim Gregory
  • John McKendricks


1100 Kietzke Lane, Reno, NV  89502