Online MA in Global Development & Justice

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Connect to our global network

There’s never been a better time to focus on the causes that matter to you most. Our MA in Global Development and Justice combines the intensity of on-ground training with the flexibility that comes with an online degree program. The first cohort starts in July, so we encourage you to apply now.

Train with dedicated professionals in Rwanda

This distinctive academic experience begins in Kigali, Rwanda, where you’ll spend two weeks connecting with peers who are just as passionate about improving communities as you are. Together you’ll glean insights from guest speakers, study the world’s most pressing issues and team up with NGOs that are involved in compassion initiatives, poverty alleviation and combatting injustice.

Be part of a vibrant online community

As part of our online community, you’ll build on the lessons you learned and the relationships you formed in Rwanda. Our online courses are designed to promote dialogue, and our expert faculty will provide the guidance you need. The program includes a 300-hour internship (or a collaborative research project if you have at least three years of field experience).

Emerge as a force for justice and sustainable development

Restoring individuals and communities – and keeping them on a sustainable path – lies at the heart of our program. You’ll learn how to integrate biblical theology, Christian ethics and the social sciences to bring justice to people who are oppressed and marginalized. And by the time you graduate, you’ll be better prepared to bring permanent change to communities by involving them in the transformation process.

Program Outcomes

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Program Details 

  • 38 credit hours in length, with 8 week terms 
  • Cohort based
  • Complete in about 18 months
  • Two weeks on the ground in Kigali, Rwanda, to inaugurate the program
  • Program emphasizes community and networking opportunities
  • Program includes 300 hours of internship or a collaborative research project*

*For those with three years or more of experience on the field, a collaborative research project can supplement the internship requirement.

Vocational Opportunities

The Global Development and Justice program is thoroughly missional and seeks to prepare Christian leaders to serve in global development, justice and mission initiatives around the world where there is great need.

The program aims to prepare Christian leaders to serve as:

  • Development workers
  • Global justice leaders
  • Inter-governmental workers
  • Entrepreneurs in business as mission
  • Missionaries
  • Mission and outreach pastors
  • Children at risk specialists
  • Volunteers in both local and cross-cultural contexts

Internships and Jobs

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Applying to the Program

To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a graduate with a B.S. or B.A. from an accredited college or university
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Submit the application with all required forms

Courses Offered (in This Order)

  • Foundations in International Development Practice (3)
  • Introduction to Advocacy and Justice Studies (3)
  • Principles of Spiritual Formation I (2)
  • Social Justice, Development and Culture (2)
  • Theology of Cultural Engagement (2)
  • Conflict, Refugees and Complex Disasters (2)
  • Applied Field Research Methodology (3)
  • Mission with Children at Risk (2)
  • Community Development in Practice (2)
  • Non-profit Leadership and Administration (3)
  • Internship or Collaborative Research Project (4)
  • Topics in Global Development and Justice (2)
  • Micro-Finance and Business in Mission Contexts (3)
  • Public Policy, Human Rights, Law and Ethics (3)
  • Principles of Spiritual Formation II (2)

Student Experiences

“The MAGDJ program is the best program I have been part of in my entire college career!  It's Bible infused with Jesus at the heart of the program.”

Simona Gherghisan

“The MAGDJ has exceeded my expectations. I have enjoyed the breadth of viewpoints, the complexity of issues studied, and the strength of the lecturing staff. The course content is immediately applicable to my work in International Development, and there has been great support from professors to refine assignments to serve my specific interests.”

Colleen Milstein

“I love the program because it integrates Christian principles in development and justice work. The class times have been perfect and convenient for me.”

Maxwell Olwa

Residential MA in Global Development and Justice program 

If you're more interested in a traditional, on-campus option, we offer a residential MA in Global Development and Justice program in Portland, Oregon.