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Berquist Promoted to Vice President


Gina Berquist has stepped into a new role as the vice president of enrollment services. She will oversee the recruitment, student employment and communications departments. Berquist hopes to be a resource to department directors to help them accomplish goals more efficiently and to serve the students.

Her new role will also be to proactively promote Multnomah through an expanded community presence, updated website, and increased promotions. Berquist would also like to implement a parent's weekend for undergraduate students' parents. "It would be good for them to see MBC and what their children do here, rather than only seeing tuition bills," she said.

The vice president of enrollment services is a new position for Multnomah. President Lockwood petitioned to have the position added to the school's bylaws. Berquist, who had recently been named executive director of enrollment services, assumed the new title.

"Gina loves Multnomah and understands our 'ethos' as essential criterion for senior leadership here," Dr. Lockwood said. "But her organizational gifts and her proven abilities in supervising people are extraordinary. I can think of no one who can shoulder these responsibilities better."

Berquist, a 1990 graduate of Multnomah, began working at MBC immediately after college. She managed the Solid Rock Café for eight years, worked in the financial aid department for three years, and in the recruitment department as director for three years.

"MBC is my career," she said. "I'm content to be here, and I believe in what Multnomah does. This is where the Lord wants me."

Berquist is also pursuing her master of arts degree in organizational leadership through Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.