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Students Compete in 8th Annual Speech Contest


Multnomah's 8th annual speech contest gave students "a chance to perform in public and display their skills as communicators," Dr. Nate Baxter, chair of the communication department, said. "It also gave them a chance for friendly competition and the chance to win some money."

The categories for competition were Scripture reading, Impromtu, Tribute, Poetry and Story Telling. The winners are:


  • 1st - O' Komolofe
  • 2nd - Brooks Doherty


  • 1st - Brooks Doherty
  • 2nd - Daniel Stent


  • 1st - Brooks Doherty
  • 2nd - Katie Childs


  • 1st - Amanda Tippy
  • 2nd - Amy Fong & Matt Forsyth

Story Telling

  • 1st - Peter Dore
  • 2nd - Jennifer Burg

Students who placed first received a $50 award. Second-place finishers won a gift certificate for a smaller amount.