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All-Sports Homecoming to Reunite Teammates and Rivals Alike


Alumni of Multnomah Bible College are looking forward to the All-Sports Homecoming Day on October 23, 2004. The homecoming is designed for all Multnomah alumni who were involved in basketball, volleyball, soccer, pep band, cheerleading, or cheering as a fan.

"Any and all past Multnomah students who were involved in athletics in any way have been invited to this event," said Athletic Director Lois Vos. "It doesn't matter if you were an athlete or a fan, there is a place for everyone at the All-Sports Homecoming."

All alumni who register for this event will be placed in teams before the day of the event. The first two games will be soccer at 2:00 and volleyball at 4:00. A basketball game will be held at 6:00 between two alumni teams, while recent alumni take on the current Multnomah varsity basketball team at 8:00.

"We're looking forward to seeing the competitive nature resurface in some of our alumni as they compete with old teammates and rivals, not to mention our varsity team," said Vos.

Alumni interested in registering should contact the Multnomah athletic department at 503.251.5395 or