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Multnomah Moves Annual Family Weekend To Fall


Multnomah has changed its second annual Family Weekend for the 05/06 academic year from the spring to the fall. The event is designed to celebrate the contribution of parents to the success of their student's college career. During the three-day event, from September 30 through October 2, parents will get an up close look at what life at Multnomah is all about.

This event allows families to visit their students, see the campus, and interact with friends and professors. Through family weekend students find an opportunity to share their life away from home with their families. Parents and family members will also enjoy free time to get acquainted with the Portland area.

"Family weekend gives families of freshman the chance to come back to campus a month later, after their student settles in a bit. And not every senior's family has come to visit so this is their last chance," says Ian Durias, family weekend coordinator. "The Multnomah community is so rich and it's hard to describe it to people back home. The best way to do that is to come experience it."

For more information about this year's Family Weekend contact Ian Durias by e-mail at or visit our family weekend page.