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Multnomah Kicks off "Next" Identity Campaign


Next, the new marketing campaign from Multnomah Bible College and Biblical Seminary will be featured in all of the school's brochures, advertisements, and promotional materials until 2008. The campaign is designed to give flexibility to all institutional promotional pieces, while establishing a common theme that viewers can identify with.

"The concept of 'next' engages the viewer where they are, from their perspective," says Promotions & Communications Director Robert Leary. "Instead of Multnomah telling them what to think, we are letting them do the thinking for themselves; it’s quite a shift away from traditional marketing."

"The flexibility of next as a promotional campaign is endless," says Leary. "It asks a question, it provokes thought, and it can even stir emotion. There are visual and tangible elements that we plan to utilize for the duration of the campaign that will remind people that Multnomah is equipping the next generation of ministry leaders."

Multnomah's first area to utilize next is College Preview, the school's most popular event which attracts over 200 students annually. "We used next to ask students what was next in life, what is their next step now, and encouraged them to move to the next level of their college decision-making process by attending preview," said Tim Uthmann, director of Recruitment. The next logo is featured on brochures, online registration pages, advertisements, and t-shirts.

Multnomah has also released several ads that feature the new campaign concept used in a different context. For the seminary, the headline reads, "next>>degree" asking, "To what degree are you equipped to minister?" Other ads feature the headline, "next>>decision" as a call to action. Leary insists that, "most importantly, we want them to know that Multnomah is a place where people can take their personal ministry to the next level."